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Are you ready for conscious transformation?

The Journey!

Many years ago I left my homeland of Scotland and migrated to Australia with my new husband while being 5 months pregnant with my first child! 

Some said we were crazy but all I could see was that this was an amazing opportunity and it felt good and exciting! I asked myself “Are you ready for conscious transformation?

Australia was waiting!

We arrived in Western Australia on a hot January morning. 2 suitcases, $200 dollars in our pocket and a huge adventure in front of us. We had no friends or family here! Still, I felt a calmness inside of me when we arrived. A sense of knowing that it was going to be ok. This was the right path for us to be on at this time.

Finding a place to stay happened effortlessly. In fact we secured a small apartment that was 100 metres from the beautiful Cottesloe beach. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. What a magical place! I was feeling aligned!

We quickly settled down, found work, had our baby and before long we had built our first home, had a second child and then became restless again!


I have always trusted my intuition and before long we had packed up our car, left our jobs and set up for a new chapter of our life in the Kimberley’s, the northern part of Western Australia. 

Unknown to me at the time this was another of my Spiritual Awakenings occurring.

That is the interesting thing about life. We rarely know where we are going and the magic occurs when we lean in and trust our inner guidance, our inner knowing. The deeper that we lean in the clearer we can see what is unfolding in our life. Seeing clearly what our purpose is.

Unique gifts!

It was during this time I realised what my unique gifts were. However I hid them away for many years before stepping fully into my power and owning them.

Surrendering to my purpose back in those early days when we arrived in Australia was the catalyst for consciously creating my life. Being consciously aware gave me the courage to say “yes” to just about every opportunity that came my way. By doing this I created a life full of richness for both myself and my family.

Yes, It is true that the journey was not always easy. Nor was it plain sailing. Sacrifices had to be made and tough decisions made. However it was in those toughest times that I grew the most. These times were so exciting, scary and rewarding all at the same time.


Trusting my inner wisdom, my inner guidance. I always knew that I was on the right track. Even though there were times when I questioned it! Learning more skills and obtaining more knowledge to further support my purpose work. The very reason why I left Scotland many years before.

Along the way on my journey I experienced burn-out when things just did not go the way I had hoped for!

At times I felt overwhelmed and knew that something was missing. As a result of this my health suffered. 

During these times I was called to do a full revamp of my health, career and business!

I have been fortunate in having a diverse career going from being a Registered Nurse, to Naturopath, Spiritual Healer to Executive Leader in the Corporate World of Global Oil and Gas Organisations. This has led me to where I am today. My happy place,  managing my soul centred business for female entrepreneurs.

Helping Female Entrepreneurs!

As a result of my amazing career and my experiences, I have created a private mentoring program to help female entrepreneurs just like me who know they have unique gifts to share and a longing to do their purpose work. Making a difference and an impact on others and the planet. Doing it their way and in alignment with their souls path.

  • Are you ready to increase your vitality so growing your business feels fun and exciting?
  • Are you ready to transcend the fear-mind and activate your highest potential for your business?
  • Do you desire to connect to your health blueprint, activating alignment and newfound energy?

If this sounds like you and is resonating, you may be ready to join my mentoring program and begin conscious transformation?

During this program I help female entrepreneurs transform their overwhelm and stress into clarity as they amplify their energy.

Would you like support to release your fears and doubts and claim confidence, courage and strength as you tap into your inner wisdom?

Are you ready to be guided to overcome imposter syndrome and become a magical female entrepreneur who is magnetic, courageous, and has a clear direction with a powerful message to share?

During this transformational journey we will work in your Akashic Records, the library of your soul, where all your wisdom, thoughts, dreams and desires are held. 

A place where you can receive guidance as you access and awaken your innate wisdom. 

Working in the space of the Akashic Records gives you clarity to tap into your health and business blueprint.

This is where the magic happens where you unlock your unique codes, gaining clarity, abundance and healing as you align to your soul’s purpose and so much more. Click here to learn more.

Yours in Health and Wellness!