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I’ve never felt “normal” have you?

I’ve never felt “normal” have you?

  • Do you feel you are “too much” or “not enough”?
  • Are you “too quiet” or “too loud”?
  • Do you feel that you are abundant in life or living in scarcity?

These experiences are more common than you probably realise!
It starts from an early age, we grow up fitting into other people’s view of how we should be. 

  • The way we should act
  • How we should behave
  • How we should feel
  • The way we should think

With this conditioning it doesn’t take long for us to lose our identity, lose sight of who we really are!    

I know that was me for a long time! Always feeling different, never feeling safe and scared to speak my truth for fear of being judged or laughed at! I’ve never felt “normal” have you?

My life revolved around this pattern. However, each new phase of my life that I entered the same feelings arose and I always felt different! What was going on?

I was fed up believing that I was never going to be good enough or successful enough!

So I changed and you can too!

I changed my life overnight, got a job in the resources sector and pushed through all the barriers to become a senior executive. It was a struggle, competing with the heavy male dominated energy but I got there.

During this journey I realised the struggle was hard because I was still “different”. I had failed to be my real self! 

Something was missing!

You see, since a child I have always been intuitive, but kept it hidden and that kept me “different”. I could read people’s energy, I could see their thoughts, I knew what they were thinking and I could feel when they were hurting. This scared them and they distanced themselves from me.

I felt I had to keep my gifts hidden as I learned from an early age that if I shared what I was thinking it often “triggered” people. Causing them to face things in their life that they perhaps did not want to deal with.

Even though I reached success in the resources sector, when I left I realised a part of me was missing. It was my IDENTITY. That part of me that was intuitive. I had hidden it so deep that I had to learn who I was again and trust that she was going to be ok!

That is why I created my business to support and guide others just like me who have always “felt different”. Who has been stifled!

You can be your real self and be successful, abundant, happy and healthy! Claim to be your authentic self now!

Claiming your intuition and using it as your SUPERPOWER is your zone of genius. Using your gifts allows your awareness to heighten, your soul awakens and your transformation begins. Energy shifts as you align to joy, happiness and abundance. You become MAGNETIC.

Let me know if you can relate, do you need some help to shift your energy and claim your Superpower? We all have the ability to use our intuition, claim yours now!