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From Exhaustion to Feeling Incredible!

Have you ever had the feeling like you haven’t slept in weeks? Exhaustion can sometimes feel like that. Difficult to stay on top of life, work and business in this state. We operate from a place of being “numb”! On auto-pilot! Moving from exhaustion to feeling incredible is the “nirvana” we all seek.

A Common Theme

A client came to me several years ago, she was tired and exhausted. She explained that she had taken to bed for 3 days! Not knowing what was wrong. She did not have the energy to get up.

This is not an uncommon scenario. Many women experience this for a great many reasons. Fortunately my client was able to gain a bit clarity and a perspective and with the support of friends and family she got out of bed. Sought the professional help she required and over time got back on track.

Author, Beau Taplin’s perspective on exhaustion states

“She was unstoppable, not because she did not have failures or doubts. But because she continued on despite them”.

Beau Taplin

Resonating on many levels, this quote highlights the depth of courage that women portray. Mostly they all rise again with nurturing and support.

The journey can be long or short, the choice is ours. Its like peeling the layers of an onion one layer at a time. There are many steps in the process to get from exhaustion to feeling incredible. But each small step creates an individual experience on the road to becoming incredible.


Interestingly Research shows a strong correlation between exhaustion and loneliness:-
– 50% of people claim they are often exhausted due to work
– This is a 32% increase from 20 years ago
– The more exhausted people are the more lonelier they feel
– Attributing this loneliness to emotional exhaustion leading to burnout.

In my practice I work with leaders to reduce anxiety, stress, burnout and increase energy! In turn they gain clarity, overcome overwhelm, fight fatigue and get more done.

Eliminating exhaustion and increasing energy requires attention to 5 focus areas:-

1. Survival –  requires acknowledging this stage and moving from a state of debilitation
2. Self Care – identifies the signs of burn out and develop a self care plan 
3. Belief – a mindset shift is occurring and strategies are now required to be put in place
4. Habits – are developed and strengthen the proactive mindset
5. Purpose – Clarity and Vibrancy ensue. Energy is amplified in this area and you are now functioning with 100% energy

Get ready to move into 2020 vibrant, inspirational and purposeful?

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