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Erase Self Doubt to Amplify Energy!

Can you remember what you were doing in January 2009? During this time Roger Federer was crying in front of 15,000 spectators at the Rod Laver Tennis Arena in Melbourne. Roger was devastated! He had just lost the Australian Open Title to Rafael Nadal. He had failed to achieve his goal of gaining his 14th grand slam victory. It was time to Erase Self-Doubt to Amplify Energy!


This loss was not only a shock to Roger. The general public believed his high performing tennis career was over. Suddenly his career began to spiral downwards. Suffering many losses over the next several months. However, 12 months later he won the Australian open championship! Roger had dug deep with determination and focused training. He had created a mindset shift!

Quite often we watch successful people experiencing extraordinary challenges and difficulties before reaching success. Rogers case highlighted this.


Brene Brown American Research Professor and Author of A Call to Courage notes that from her research “failure is inevitable – it is part of growth”. She also states “if you are brave with your life and choose to live in the arena your going to get your a*** kicked”.

“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt”.

William Shakespear

Roger Federer is an extraordinary example of when you push past self- doubt and focus on the goal, your prize, your purpose.  Anything is possible you just have to want it enough to do what it takes to succeed.  

So what is the point?

All too often we accept self doubt and embrace it as a limiting belief system and believe that we deserve it. Partly because it’s too hard and partly because we dont have the energy to push through. Sometimes we just want someone to “fix it” for us and make our world all “sunshine and roses”.

The reality is that we are living this life to learn some lessons and being given an opportunity to enhance our life. The challenge is to rise up and embrace the fears, listen to what they are telling up and let the thoughts go. Acknowledge and let go!

Times are Changing!

This current decade, time is travelling fast and life is moving fast and furious. Often there is not enough space or time just to think. To gather thoughts and work though them. 

Resulting in a default system occurring. Which leads to an opportunity arising to let self-doubt creep in. The path of least resistance that does not require much energy to be expended.


However the longer that you live in this low energy state, the heavier your energy becomes and the effort required to move forwards becomes greater and greater. Again a state is reached where it all becomes to difficult again.-
I believe self-doubt is driven by energy. When your energy is low self-doubt takes advantage, it creeps in and before you realise it has consumed your thoughts. It has taken control of your thinking.

Conversely when your energy is vibrant, it is difficult for self-doubt to move in and influence. It has a small window of opportunity to make an impact before it is repelled by the vibrancy of your energy.

Make a Difference!

As leaders we all live busy lives and it is not always possible to have a high functioning vibrant energy all day, every day.  So here are 3 of my personal tips to erase self-doubt to amplify energy. Recognise when you are becoming susceptible to letting self-doubt creep in.

3 Key Tips

  1. PURPOSE: Find what brings you joy and fulfilment in life and Implement it. Follow your heart and be kind.
  2. AWARENESS: Journal daily and note how vibrant you feel. Be honest and score yourself on a scale of 0 – 1 0. This allows you to become very aware of how your body and mind is feeling and reacting.
  3. HABITS: Practice being grateful every day. What are you grateful for today? This is a critical habit to develop to progress socially,  personally and professionally.

Would love to hear your thoughts?