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Energy management is the key!

Energy management is the key!

At times we forget as human beings we are made up of energy particles. Therefore, it makes sense to manage our energy wisely. In other words, this will help us get the best out of our body, mind, and life. In addition, doing this allows us to be more aware. More conscious, healthy, happy, and successful. Energy management is the key!

Global Awakening

Recently I was part of a Global Spiritual Panel. We participated in gifting people MINI ENERGY READING’s. I was excited to be part of this amazing panel of Spiritual Guru’s.

Viewers of this live event streamed from all over the USA, Germany, Canada, Scotland, England, Australia, Europe, Ireland and more. So far, there has been more than 600 views of this on-line event as we consciously create a better more balanced, happy, healthy, and harmonious world.

The journey

Going from registered nurse to corporate leader, intuitive mentor, naturopath and author, my career has been diverse! Alway using my spiritual gifts. However I was scared that I would be judged if I used them. Especially working as a senior leader for over 15 years in the corporate world.

I left that world a few years ago. Setting up my purpose driven business. Passionate about creating change change. Over the last 2 years I have felt something has been missing in my business when mentoring professional women. This year I have found the “missing” ingredient – Energy Management!

Energy Management works!

As a result I now include Energy Management as a core element of my Mentoring Programs and Wellness Retreats. Above all, this has made a huge difference! Growing my business and improving the growth and success of my clients.

Science shows that Energy Management is beneficial. This is now being utilised in business and the corporate world at all senior levels.

Corporate Australia has awakened! Great business leaders align to their higher purpose work. Furthermore, Research shows that purpose-driven businesses perform better than profit driven business.The time has come to live a more balanced and purposeful life. Taking greater self-responsibility for our mental, physical, and psychological health..

“The most precious resource for businesspeople

 is not their time.

It’s their energy.

Manage it well”

Robin Sharma

Current and future leaders know that they need to be equipped with more tools. This will help them support their teams to navigate these changes. Supporting them as they become conscious creators to shape a new business landscape.

These type of events are becoming more popular now as people become more aware. Supporting new ways of living, working and being. So incredibly humbled to be part of this change.

Firstly, as a human being we are having a human experience. However, we all still have “blind-spots” and experience limiting beliefs and self-judgement. So, it is important to get yourself a coach, mentor or spiritual teacher. They can assist you in supporting your mindset shift to become the conscious leader.

If this blog is resonating with you let’s have a chat and see how I may be able to help you on your purposeful journey.