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A fish out of water!

A fish out of water!

What happens when we ignore feeling and feel like we are a fish out of water! This is often a sign that we need to look at what is happening in our life and career.  

At times it may present with a feeling that something is missing in life, but just don’t know what? Sometimes, you feel that you are never enough. Mostly you never feel complete. Ultimately you wonder why you are so good at your job but don’t feel satisfied or fulfilled.

Staying Stuck!

Staying in that environment and experiencing these feelings without making a change will exacerbate a lack of fulfillment and achievement. It may also have a detrimental effect on your health and wellbeing. Also serves as a message that we may not be doing our purpose work. Time to wake up and start to ask the difficult questions, Start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.


It was several years ago that I started to feel like a fish out of water! Working in the corporate world and climbing the corporate ladder, I was reaching all my targets, ticking all the boxes. So why did I feel so unfulfilled and unhappy? Each day I felt like I was walking through mud, each step took an enormous amount of effort and energy.

Eventually, something inside snapped. I started to ask myself difficult questions. Why was I showing up every day and doing a job that was not bringing me joy? Of course, the main driver was that the job provided me with comfort and security. I was fearful that if I left this job that I would not get another. Time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

What I realised was that I had stopped speaking my truth and following my dreams. I had lost sight of who I was and what I wanted in life and that was to make a difference. Knowing that this job restricted me from being me, I finally took the leap and left.

Diverse Career!

Before long I had gone from corporate leader to health and wellbeing expert, author, and intuitive mentor. Certainly a diverse career. It turned out to be the best decision of my life so far. Not only did it make me happy, but it showed me that when you do what you love, success follows.

Breaking free of the corporate restraints, I gave myself permission to find my real purpose and then worked out how I could serve others with more meaning. As a leader when you stop doing what is expected of you and forge your path, a kind of magic happens. I became empowered to start my own business mentoring women to set themselves up for business and life from the inside out. This is the most powerful way to let go of limiting self-beliefs and releasing old patterns and ways of thinking.


Findings show that purpose-driven businesses and more successful, profitable whilst retaining happy employees.

  • These businesses report a 30% higher level of innovation
  • 40% higher rates of staff retention
  • Higher productivity and growth rates than their competitors

Committing to your purpose work provides clarity around your identity. It sets the foundation for your work and business. It humanises the business. It has long been known that as humans we are yearning for the human connection. Our world is changing. We are now choosing to balance our life by being human beings instead of being heavily focused on being human doings.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy,

 not on fighting the old,

but on building the new”


As we articulate our purpose, our reason for being with clarity and commitment we create deeper human connections. Trust is built, collaboration is encouraged, and a dynamic shift occurs that keeps business relevant. Purpose-driven businesses have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of their employees and clients, thus reducing the health burden.

So, if you are feeling like a fish out of water! Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is holding you back from making the shift to empower yourself, to find your joy?
  2. What inspired action can you take to find your purpose-driven life, career, and business?
  3. Ask yourself what does happiness mean to you, and what makes you happy?

Reach out if you would like to learn more about my purpose-driven business and how my services may assist you as you rediscover who you are by healing from the inside out. As you reclaim your health and wellness to sustain success in health, career, relationships, and life.