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Are you the bridge builder?

Are you the bridge builder?

Have you wondered why you are the one holding your family, friends, colleagues, and partners together? Cheering them on. However, do you feel that if you didn’t make the effort and keep on top of things that your world (and theirs) would fall apart? Are you the bridge builder? Bridge builders are connectors, they are a bit like glue that holds things together?

Above all, being the bridge builder is an amazing role. This role allows us to lead the way. Ultimately, be the trailblazer that guides, nurtures, and mentors others. However, have you considered the cost to you and how do you replenish your “cup” to keep going?

Often when we step up in life and be the bridge builder it usually comes after a major event that has happened. Following a trauma, divorce, or a major life event. This forces us to reflect on life and what improvements we need to make. In my case, it occurred following the death of my sister, which was then exacerbated by my divorce shortly after.

It was like the universe was serving me a double dose of a reality check, to make me look at my life as a bridge-builder. For as long as I could remember I was always supporting others, encouraging the best from them, helping them to find the best in themselves.

Firstly, I found that you can’t keep “chugging” along without reviewing your methods, practices, and intentions. Moreover, continuous improvement supports growth and assists us to stay relevant and current. The trauma of losing my sister and experiencing a divorce took me into a place of soul searching. Forcing me to dig deep to review my values, changing aspects of me and in my life that was no longer working, and taking self-responsibility to redirect me into the next deeper layer of my purpose.

“Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others.

Step forward, reach out and help.

Reach out to someone that might need a lift.”


Being a bridge builder takes a lot of qualities. It is a bit like being an iceberg. You only see a small area, however, if you could look under the water at the rest of the iceberg you would see an enormous number of other qualities, skills, and tools. People often only see a small part of the bridge builder and take what they do for granted or they may not even be aware.

In short, working together with the bridge builder is a win-win. Above all, it supports everyone to take responsibility for themselves, delve deep and uncover old wounding’s and patterns. Experiencing this creates change and your journey becomes more purposeful. Besides we need change in order to grow.

So, what are the 4 key qualities of the bridge builders: –

  1. Their values are aligned with what they do and believe. They need to be of service, and it is often part of their soul purpose.
  2. They have a strong awareness of themselves, know who they are, what they want, and understand their boundaries and capabilities. Also, they have clear boundaries, both physically and energetically for themselves and others.
  3. Their clarity around their own identity assists them in strengthening and deepening their awareness which creates a shift to facilitate change. This self-responsibility becomes their point of power. It is an inspiring and motivating quality. Moving from operating out of ego state and into a self-less state.
  4. Personal inner work is a work in progress. Self-care and self-development are ongoing. It does not have an endpoint as this journey has layer after layer of growth and complexity.

Some fundamental practices required for the longevity of the bridge builders are 3-fold: –

  1. Physical – These people take good care of their physical body by eating a clean, balanced diet, having an awareness of what their body needs.
  2. Emotional – they support themselves by meditating, journaling, singing, dancing, and having fun
  3. Spiritual – they understand the human body as an energetic being and view life through the lens of energy and matter.
  4. Environmental – having conscious awareness of their surroundings and making an impact on the planet by reducing harm to the environment.

In summary, being the bridge builder is a magical role where you can help others find the best in themselves and others. Would love to hear, are you the bridge builder?