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Create Opportunity when Leveraging Holistic Principles!

Understanding Holistic Principles

When people start discussing how to create opportunity when leveraging holistic principles I see people do the “eye roll”. However, today I thought it would be useful to expand on this. For instance, we all know that when we eat clean, healthy food and drink chemically free water we feel better. In addition, add in exercise, mindfulness or meditation to allow our body to reduce its stress and toxin load. This then creates a space to allow the body and mind to rejuvenate.

Create Opportunities through mindfulness

For instance current research by Yale describes mindfulness as a game changer for Leaders! In addition, they have identified that chronic stress can cause a loss of brain volume, after that leads to impairment both emotionally and functionally.  With this in mind lets get back to the basics. Lets look at a scenario where we are in a high stress job for a prolonged period of time. As a result we become fatigued, exhausted, health starts to suffer, poor sleep patterns emerge and we comfort eat. Finally we become anxious and begin to doubt our ability to perform adequately in our career or life!

Does this sound familiar?

Create Opportunities through Diet and Lifestyle

To break this self destructive cycle, you can start by reviewing your diet and lifestyle gradually. Begin with eating 3 nutritious meals a day with healthy snacking of nuts in between meals. Begin with removing the processed food from your diet. Drink at least 3 litres of filtered water a day (more if you are sweating excessively). Add in daily exercise even if it is only for 15 – 20 mins and a good belly laugh!

Create Opportunities through Mindfulness

This is the beginning but when you incorporate mindfulness into this new habit you go to the next Level. Simon Sinek refers to the process where great leaders or organisations, identifying their key purpose needs to start with their WHY! Simon believes that this inspires and motivates their teams. It encourages greater communication and explains their reason for why anyone should care. When this occurs, it instils a culture with “purpose driven work” that creates a continuous cycle of improvement.

Create Opportunities – The 5 Steps to get Ahead

Finally when we pull this all together, we find that there are 5 key steps to be more effective:- 
1. Conduct a Personal assessment
2. Development what is it that I am here to do / my purpose
3. Self Empowerment starts with decluttering what is not necessary in our head and remove all obstacles
4. Personal action and growth plan – a vision board
5. Live your purpose and start with the end in mind

Holistic Principles Assist in Success

In conclusion people who achieve great things in there life are more likely to apply holistic principles. Above all, it keeps you health both mentally and physically. In other words you have greater energy, clarity, motivation, drive confidence and belief in yourself. This is the basis to create a successful future. Read More