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Decluttering Creates Space!

Decluttering creates space and assists you to change gears in your life. Step up to the next level?

Declutter your mind, body and home to create an energy shift. Release the heaviness that you have been carrying. Allow the clarity to aid growth in your leadership journey.

What is Clutter?

So what is clutter? In other words, if you do not love it and do not use it, it is clutter! Clutter blocks your energy flow. It prevents your life and career from moving forward effortlessly. Decluttering creates space for you to think and grow!

Clutter can be likened to being surrounded by obstacles in life. A feeling of being held back. When you decide to move the obstacles (clutter) you make a clearing. Creating a space to lighten your energy.

Japanese guru Marie Kondo has created global awareness around the benefits of “decluttering” in the home. 

Decluttering is more than clearing domestic mess. It covers physical, emotional and environmental clutter. Clutter affects us energetically. You can experience different kinds of clutter. It can present as emotional, financial, relationship or even time clutter. Holding onto clutter prevents growth and clarity. Progress is delayed!

Impacts of Clutter?

In addition, living in an environment of clutter can make us feel disorganised. May contribute to feelings of depression. Can be exhausting and even costly! 

Above all, research shows that the more we have the more unhappy we are! 

Millennials are categorised as the age demographic between 18 – 34 years. Their values have been influenced by being raised in the recession, experiencing a struggling workforce and suffering record amounts of student debt.

The Robins Report explains that the consequences of these millennial actions means that they are more into creating a “life style” rather that accumulating material possessions. For them it is about the experience!

They prefer to spend on experiences rather than on material possessions.

This current trend is resulting in millennials going minimalistic.  As a consequence decluttering goes hand in hand with minimalism. 

The decluttering process allows you to let go of current patterns, habits and beliefs. Time to let go? These no longer serve you! They are holding you back.

However, decluttering presents an opportunity to revaluate where you are. In other words, it’s time to refocus, reinvigorate and update your plans, goals and vision.

Declutter Leadership

In other words, in the context of leadership, when we apply a decluttering approach with intent, we shift our energy both within ourself and within our environment. 

Some of the types of clutter we may have: –
(a) – Half finished projects
(b) – Keeping something that “you may need someday”
(c) – Clothes that you never wear
(d) – Agreeing to do things that you dont have time for
(e) – Having people around you who drain your energy

Be clear with your intent! What aspects of your life, career and environment would benefit from being decluttered? 

Would love to hear how you go?