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Do you really know your colleagues?

Do you really know your colleagues?

I was talking with a colleague of mine the other day and she did not realise that I was a Naturopath for almost 10 years! As a result, It got me thinking about how well do you really know your colleagues?

Years ago, life was very different. I was married, raising 2 young children, studying, and working in the outback in the far northwest of Western Australia. What an exciting and busy time it was for me. Everyday learning and experiencing so much, however, there was an emptiness inside of me. Tortured by thoughts of how I had lost my direction in life. It was time to find clarity to increase my energy and vitality. To fill the void that felt so empty.

Before long I found myself looking for further study to help me find my direction. Shortly after, I enrolled to study for a three-year diploma in Naturopathy. However, the catch was that we needed to travel to Queensland! So before long, we had packed up the car with the kids and set off on what was to be an amazing adventure as I searched for my new direction.

The journey!

Traveling from the outback in Western Australia to Queensland was an experience! Such an amazing adventure, rich in learnings for all of us. The harshness of the countryside coupled with the challenge of driving large distances every day with two small children was exhilarating. It energised all of us as we reset for the next chapter of our life. Providing an opportunity to be present, take notice, and enjoy every moment.

Arriving in Queensland felt so right, and everything seemed to fall into place, for a while anyway! After three years I graduated with a Diploma of Naturopathy. Embarking on a new career. Owning and operating a Naturopathic practice for many years. The knowledge that I gained just added to my health and wellness foundation. Incorporating my nursing background with my naturopathic knowledge was gold!

What I later realised was that deciding to further my studies and knowledge base had helped me to identify and unpack my “unique code”. Giving me a greater understanding of my true identity. As a result, this forced me to be honest with who I really was, and who I wanted to be.

I had to open myself up and acknowledge that there was a greater power within me. This taught me how to master that energy to build on my values and beliefs. I had to listen closely to what I was hearing from my inner self.

What I found was that this amplified the essence and enlightenment that came through when I could see and feel the bigger vision. My world became expansive. Yet all the time I was present as I stepped into my personal power and best self.

“She remembered who she was, and the game changed”

Lalah Deliah

The unique code!

This unique code has helped me to unlock my personal power over the years. I have found that to unlock and step into your personal power requires self-compassion, simplicity, a strong value and belief system, balance, a world of possibility, agile mindset, energy, vibration, identity, intuition, purpose, healing, clarity, vitality, and flexibility. Unlocking this code to success has allowed me to be my best self with a rock-solid foundation.

Love to hear how you stepped into your personal power?