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Authentic Leadership Through A Different Lens!

Authentic Leadership Through A Different Lens! Skills were learned to create depth, to drill down and go that extra step. Leaving no stone unturned! Creating a continuous improvement cycle. Always thinking “outside the box”. Exploring different concepts to stretch your growth mindset.

Being in Service!

Many years ago I started out in my career as a registered nurse. What an amazing time! In other words, this was certainly authentic leadership through a different Lens! A time where we were true servants in every sense on the word.

Every day was difficult, challenging and tiring. However, always leaving with a sense of gratitude. Knowing we had made a difference in someones life that day. Able to create a safe place for people when they were at their most vulnerable. In a respectful fashion. They trusted us with their lives! Shared their innermost feelings and emotions.. 

Power of Collaboration!

Years later I found myself nursing in indigenous communities. Applying different skills were required to be impactful here. Practicing authentic leadership through a different lens assisted in bridging the cultural differences. However, these people had an innate sense of knowing who they could trust. They listened to their gut. 

One day, the “flying doctor” brought a sick child to the hospital. He had been suffering from a serious medical condition. Over the following 36 hours the doctors tried everything to stabilise the boy. To no avail! After that, preparations had begun to airlift the boy to a city hospital. He required specialist care! The family were resistant. They were fearful about going to the city.

Discussions followed between the tribal elders, the parents, family and medical team. Concerns were now around what options were available? However, time was running out before the boy suffered irreparable damage?

Finally this group agreed. One of tribal elders known as “the medicine man” would visit the boy in hospital.  He performed a smoking ceremony in and around the room the boy was in. He also done various forms of ritual and energy healing. A few hours later he left the boys room. The boy was asleep!

Magic Happens!

Next day the boy woke up asking for food. Like he had never been sick! His fever had gone and his condition had stabilised! 

Later the boy was playing with the other kids as if nothing had happened. After that, the boy returned home to his community. It was less than 24 hours after being visited by the “medicine man”. He was given a clean “bill of health” from the Doctors.

They could not explain the miraculous recovery of the boy. Clearly energetic healing played a large part in the boys dramatic recovery. A healthy respect was developed for the healing abilities of the “medicine men”. 

Resulting in a different perspective being gained. The medical team viewed illness differently. Increased collaboration with family members on treatment options occured. “Medicine men” became common sights in and around the hospital. Just doing their job!

In other words the elders of this community were great role models as well as leaders. Very humble and grateful that they could create a healing environment for whoever may need it.

Healing on all Levels!

Moving forward in this more balanced paradigm of leadership calls for a healing on all levels. Physical, emotional, spiritual, personal and professional levels. Creating a safe place for our teams to develop, grow and express. This requires an understanding that everyone has value to add.

In other words, becoming a great authentic leader requires many skills. Ultimately it starts with understanding you. This requires a personal healing journey to take place. One of discovery, nurturing, revelation and honesty to peel away the layers that may be restricting your growth.

Above all, looking through a different lens. Challenging current beliefs. This is an example of authentic leadership, aka servant leadership.

5 key principles for servant leadership to be effective:-

  1. Empathy to create healing – a healing occurs on all levels. People need a safe environment to grow, develop and gain their voice. In this case, when the medical staff and the family communicated and listened to others points of views and opportunity arose. Respectfully supporting each other.
  2. Stewardship – multiple groups of people working together for a common purpose. To develop, grow and make a difference.
  3. Listen – to develop and agile mind that seeks out opportunities. Value others opinions and knowledge. Let go of ego. Trust is born!
  4. Awareness – be aware that changes can occur without always being able to explain how or why. Creating a safe place to develop, explore and grow. In other words, a place where new ways and ideas are born. Flexibility and reflection are the start of building new ways and innovation. We all have our own uniqueness. Now is the time to share and build on this.
  5. Build a tribe – a community where people come together with a common purpose. Shared beliefs that contribute to the bigger picture. For instance, support each other without judgement or prejudices. Sensing different methods of improvement to create change. Connection happens!

The Challenge!

In conclusion, opening our mind to new ways of thinking can create a whole new world of opportunities. In other words, merging the conventional (safe) with non conventional (uncertain) requires an agile mindset. A progressive thinker who steps out of their comfort zone to grow.

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