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Energy is amplified when you define your purpose!

Self belief is a pre requisite to clearly defining your purpose and bringing it to life. It’s a journey like no other that requires commitment, trust and belief. However, these ingredients come from within. Blending them well completes the recipe. In other words, energy is amplified when you define your purpose!

The Journey!

This journey requires you to get to know yourself. To challenge your beliefs and articulate your values. Understanding yourself and placing a value on you determines your strength, momentum and energy.

Throughout the ages we have many examples of women who led change and made extraordinary advancements in how female’s were portrayed. Their legacy was to show us the power of self belief! Some of these examples:-

Fearless Inspiring Leaders!

– Queen Elizabeth 1 – Her reign was described as a time of peace and art. She led the UK and colonial empire, which covered 6 continents. She ruled with good counsel and was one of the most educated woman of her era. Setting the scene for social reform, abolition of slavery, colonisation and trade expansion.
What she taught us – When you believe in yourself you can lead an army and create positive change!

– Elizabeth Blackwell – Was the first female to be awarded a medical degree in 1847 in the US. She was active in training nurses in the civil war and the abolition of slavery
What she taught us – believing in yourself in a selfless way, from the heart. Enabling contribution to society in a way that “opens roads for others to follow”

– Malala Yousafzai – Young female activist who advocates for the rights and education of female leaders in the middle east
What she taught us – Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and know your purpose. Trust that you can do it.

– Oprah Winfrey – Philanthropist, humanitarian and businesswoman. Winfrey went from great adversity to become the most powerful and influential woman on television. She is a strong advocate of holistic health and wellbeing.
What she taught us – You just have to believe in yourself and your purpose. Trusting your intuition builds on that self belief.


Furthermore, Author Adam Grant talks about reflecting on a career, “no one says, I wish I had “caved in” more to other people’s expectations. Dont become a prisoner of peer pressure. Your main regrets aren’t the times you failed to follow the herd. They’re the times you failed to lead with your values”.

Leaders + Energy!

Above all, Leaders are role models to many. A key characteristic of great leaders is the ability to dig deep and “go within”. To explore self and understand who we are. After that, the mask and armour peel away, honesty, clarity and trust emerge.

Above all, finding your purpose, builds your energy that strengthens self belief. Furthermore, body, mind and spirit become aligned. Purpose then becomes clearer. Energy is amplified when you define your purpose.

In conclusion, “How can you manage energy”. However, this can be challenging in this busy world we live in when we wear many hats. In this interconnected age when we are “always on”. 

My tips for you to amplify your energy are:-

1. Find your purpose and become passionate about it. Invest in yourself, find what brings you joy. When you do work that you love it becomes enjoyable and effortless.
2. Schedule in daily activities that bring you joy and make you happy and vibrant. The more you do what you love, the higher your energy vibrates at. The more energy you gain that leads to improved health.
3. Increase your self awareness by practicing meditation or mindfulness every day. Listen to the inner whispers and build and develop your intuition. 
4. Lastly, you cannot amplify your energy if you do not support good physical health. To be effective and sustainable, try eating a clean diet with filtered water. 

Love to hear your thoughts?