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Are you a match to who you desire to be?

Are you a match to who you desire to be?

For a while now I have focussed on who I desire to be rather than what other people think I should be doing. Have you considered “Are you a match to who you desire to be?” or are you a people pleaser? 

Rise to the challenge!

It is easy to lose sight of what you really want in order to “keep the peace” and travel the path of least resistance! 

Without realising it I was a people pleaser for a long time! Consumed with fear and doubt if I didn’t follow the path that others thought I should be on. Stuck living in the old paradigm of business, all work and no play… 

Old patterns and beliefs!

Living in a cyclic pattern that had been carried through many generations of my female ancestors. 

“Girls should be seen and not heard”

“Be a good girl and do what you are told, you dont need a voice!”

“ Your place is not at the boardroom table, you are just a woman!”

“ How can you be a mother and have a career and a business?’

Business growth rely’s on courage!

Many years ago, after qualifying as a Naturopath, I was so proud and excited to set up my Naturopathic Clinic. I was passionate about helping others to heal naturally. Showing others how successful, happy and healthy they could be by taking control of their own health. 

Educating my clients around integrating, balancing and supporting their physical, emotional and spiritual elements was the start of their journey to revamp their health and bring the spark back into their business.

During this exciting time in my new business, I could see infinite potential and pure possibilities for supporting my clients, my clan and helping the world be a better place. Then something happened!

Obstacles get in the way!

My husband and I divorced. During this process the old ancestral patterns that I had been carrying with me for many lifetimes resurfaced. 

My confidence dissipated, becoming fearful about how I would support my family now as the sole caregiver. I listened to the voice in my head that was telling me “ you can’t be a mother and have a business?” 

In that moment I gave away my power, succumbed to the old patterns, gave away my dream business and settled back into “ a safe way of life”! I got a job!

Ongoing development!

Over the years I have done much study in health, personal development, leadership and spirituality. I had an insatiable thirst to learn how I could help to change the old paradigm and old patterns that kept me stuck and not living a life I truly desired.

What I found was that I had to decide and commit to changing my life. After the decision was made, the focus was around my passion, what ‘lit me up”?

Making a commitment to yourself!

Once I surrendered to this my life shifted gears. I was aligning to my purpose!

I realised when I was happy and fulfilled doing what made me happy – I was aligned. When I could be of service, helping with no expectation of receiving anything in return – I was in alignment. Living in a place of non-judgement. I realised I was aligning to my soul purpose.

From this point on it was easy to be a match to who I desired to be using my unique gifts and unique message.

It’s like I am the conductor of my life, embodying the energy that fills me up. Taking the time to refocus, re-energise and re-invent myself while focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual components of my life. 

That is when I became a match to who I desired to be.

Some questions you may ask yourself to see if you are a match to who you desire to be? 

  • What is it that you are ready to let go of that is keeping you stuck?
  • What part of your life is hard and not bringing you joy?
  • When you look through the lens of your intuition without ego or logic do you feel aligned?
  • Are you feeling tired of conforming, following rigid schedules or feeling constricted?

It is now time to feed our energetic and physical bodies. Time to become a match to who you desire to be. Stop living in others shadows. This is where manifestations, miracles and magic await.

Are you ready to give yourself permission to become a match to who you desire to be and watch your health, life and business unfold in beautiful ways. With ease and flow, in balance and harmony?

Would love to hear your thoughts and my Conscious Transformation Mentoring Program may be helpful if you feel the call.