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Step into spring claiming abundance!

Step into spring claiming abundance!

Each new season brings lessons, gifts and blessings! Increasing our awareness to experience many opportunities. The more awareness we gain, more opportunities and possibilities surface leading to manifesting more abundance if we choose. Step into spring claiming abundance!

You get to choose how your life unfolds!

You get to choose to explore new opportunities or not. 

Letting go of old ways of thinking, stagnant energy and fears, our thoughts shift quickly. Energetically our life changes. Then inner work is required to bring these energetic shifts into our 3rd dimensional world, the physical plane. Doing this with intention reveals more opportunities and abundance prevails. 

You start to see your life and business through a different lens! Experiencing joy, fun, playfulness and excitement.

You get to manifest what you desire!

A few years back I caught up with a friend whom I had lost touch with. It was great to catch up on all the news. However, imagine how I felt when she said “what’s happened to you Joan, you have lost your old spark, your zest for life and fun!”.

You could’ve knocked me down with a feather! I was shocked and hurt. I wasn’t even aware that I had changed!

What had happened to me?

You see, years ago when we hung out we had so much fun, partying, dancing and meeting new and interesting people. Life was fun and exciting. 

So what did my friend mean when she asked “what had happened to me”? When I reflected, I realised I had lost my spark. I had lost that part of me who loved having fun, the high energy part of me that loved life.

I had shifted out of alignment without even realising!

Easy to get caught up in the daily grind. I had gotten so busy with work and family, I had no energy for fun. Struggling to survive, looking after a growing family, work and business demands. Exhaustion, burnout and overwhelm set in. 

Without being consciously aware, I had become stuck in a pattern of staying safe. My energy was heavy, everything was an effort. I was in survival mode! As a result I had lost my “spark”, my mojo! I decided right at that moment I had to change and bring that spark back into my life? 

Time to get out of the rut I was in!

I asked myself “was I ready to take the pressure off myself and realise that I did not need to be perfect”? Did I need to be “superwoman”! Do I deserve to have fun and joy in my life at the same time as being a mother, businesswoman and partner.

Digging deep, I asked myself “how open was I to changing and listening to what my heart was guiding me to?”

Looking closely at my relationship and beliefs I had around having joy and abundance in my life! 

Shifting from exhaustion and scarcity, lack and struggle to playfulness, joy and finding my passion. The end product of this being abundance! Being in alignment to my soul journey, the reason for being here. Sharing my uniqueness, my gifts!

I had to decide if I was ready to make the commitment to do the inner work to bring the spark back into my life?

I had to give myself permission to change!

Firstly commit to being open to change. Lean into what lights you up. 

Secondly, self care is key! Make your health a priority by doing a spring clean of your body. Cut out foods that do not support a healthy body. Shift into a healthier eating plan, drinking more water and making time each day for exercise and journaling.

Thirdly, find 3 things every day that you are grateful for. Really explore how you feel in this space, feel the emotions and practice staying in this energy as often as you can. 

To get you started you may enjoy listening to my Magic Monday guidance. This is a short, sharp and succinct video where I share energetic guidance to support your week.

Remember, change comes when we do the inner work. We start to become consciously aware and this leads to transformation. Opening up to a world of possibilities and abundance. Let me know if you would like me to support you on your journey?