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Your Body is Your Temple!

Holistic Health and Career!

Your body is your temple! Buddha once said “To keep the body in good health is a duty…..otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”.

However, good health is about integrating body, mind and soul. Paying attention to each element to create balance and harmony. It is like a car engine that has just been serviced, it just hums! That is how our body should feel when we are on top of our game. Above all, Your body is your temple!

Self Care!

Self care is mandatory to nurture your “temple” if you expect your body and mind to delver on your gruelling work life.

Recently a client said to me “I am just too busy to do the self care stuff, I am doing ok, I am meeting my objectives, I feel ok”. That got me thinking! Yes I believe we can punish our bodies and minds for a period on the premise that we are just too busy with work. We trick our minds into thinking we have got this! We know what we are doing and we dont need to worry about self care.

Simple tell tale signs that our body is struggling: –

– Difficulty sleeping, erratic sleep or insomnia
– Poor appetite, living on high processed and high sugar diet
– Gastro-intestinal disturbances such as constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and reflux

Successful People!

When you look at successful people, most of them pay close attention to their diet, sleep patterns and exercise regimes. You cannot get maximum efficiencies from your body and mind without investing in the basics. We refer to this as holistic management of the body, mind and spirit.

Research demonstrates that when you balance these three components, your body’s vibrations increase, which allows the body to be healthier and less prone to illness and disease. When operating at this higher vibrational level, awareness is increased and endless possibilities present themselves.

Forbes says when you invest in yourself: –
– You become what you think
– Treat your body with care and nourish it with what it needs
– Listen to your body
– Observe your thoughts
– Choose yourself first

What are your 3 daily rituals that care for your body and soul?

Would love to hear how you support your “temple”?