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When your “tank” is empty!

When your “tank” is empty!

Firstly, Do you lack time, energy, and clarity to get on with your life? You know that you need to make some change and prioritise you before you fall off the “bandwagon”. Not to mention, that you just can’t seem to muster up the energy to do something about your situation. It can seem to take a huge effort when your “tank” is empty!

Change of focus!

Recently some of the conversations that I have been having with some of my high performing clients in my practice has shifted.  That is to say, these women are asking for help to heal them-self. In addition, they are exhausted and have no clear direction. At the same time, having a sense of feeling hopeless. Not to mention, they can’t seem to lift themselves up from this place. However, it can be a dark place. A place where anxiety and stress escalate and take over. Clouding their confidence.

Fundamentally, these women have recognised that their health is being impacted. They need to heal from the inside out before they can step into their personal power. Developing a strong healthy foundation will help them to gain clarity and courage to find their purpose, their “WHY”. Healing the body holistically, mentally, physically, and emotionally enables my clients to really get to know and understand themselves with greater purpose.

People no longer view it as indulgent to periodically, take time out of a busy career to heal. This is a necessity to advance a healthy career and lifestyle. Short, regular breaks throughout the year for healing, fills up the “tank”. Regular topping up of the “tank” keeps your momentum flowing. Preventing you crashing to “rock-bottom” when your “tank” is empty!

“An empty lantern provides no light.

Self- care is the fuel that allows

your light to shine brightly”



Research is telling us that the health burden in Australia directly impacts the social and economic burden. Chronic health conditions can be reduced or prevented through diet and lifestyle changes. Almost 50% of the Australian adult population have a chronic health condition. 51% of these adults require hospitalisation due to their chronic health. Furthermore, 89% of deaths were associated with chronic disease.

Personal Responsibility!

Clients that I mentor in my practice are certainly taking notice of this research, They are taking personal responsibility and improving and managing their health. They want to live a life full of health, joy, and success, Full of energy, vitality, and purpose.

Workplace Wellness has long recognised that good health is good for business. We spend, approximately, one third of our adult life in the workforce. Absenteeism in Australia costs an estimated $7 billion per year. One of the most effective ways of reducing chronic disease and absenteeism is through preventative health activities. Corporate wellness programs go some way in supporting health improvement. However, the more individuals take personal responsibility the more profound will be the benefits.

So, what is the point?

Well, taking responsibility for your personal health and wellness, reduces the social and economic burden of poor health. It also supports you in connecting with yourself on a deeper level. Gaining more clarity, and in turn being able to execute your journey in a more effective and purposeful way. Looking at life through a holistic lens, opens a world of possibilities and new opportunities.

Understanding who you are and what you are here in this lifetime to do, forms the basis of your identity. When you connect with yourself at a soul level, you expose parts of you that you were unaware of. That is the magic of leading a purposeful life and leaving a legacy to benefit others. It not only enriches your life but the lives of others.

Some suggestions!

Here are a few suggestions on how you can begin to take personal responsibility for your health and prevent running the risk of running on an “empty” tank:

  1. Be honest with yourself – do you care about your health and want to make a difference? If you do, take action today!
  2. Do a quick health baseline check-in with where your health is currently at?
  3. Consider seeking out a health professional or coach to help you develop a strategy addressing your mental, physical, and emotional bodies?

Remember, when your “tank” is empty! Motivation is difficult and focusing on your purpose, your WHY is difficult. Leading to your health being impacted and dis-ease within the body. Ask yourself, what changes could you make now to improve your health and in turn your career, relationships and lifestyle?

Would love to hear your thoughts?