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Be the master of our journey!

Be the master of our journey!

Have you experienced times in your life where you cannot recollect what happened? Do you have blanks around certain life events? Now neuroscience is discovering some reasons why these events occur, leading us to be the master of our journey!

I have always been curious and fascinated by the mechanics of the human brain. Such a small organ but with an extraordinary capability to manage our physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. As a young child, I fell and sustained a head injury that caused my brain to bleed. In effect, it was like having a stroke. In a coma for several weeks, then waking following surgery, I was unable to walk, talk, read or write. Over the following years, I slowly learned to walk, talk, read and write again.

Interestingly I have huge gaps in my early memories because of this injury. However, as science progresses, we learn more each day about how the brain works. Better understanding, how we can make choices to live a more fulfilled life.

As a survivor of a brain haemorrhage in 1996, Harvard-trained neuroanatomist, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, found herself writing about her experience from the inside, sharing her personal experiences as she aligned it to the current science.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor reveals how we can short-circuit emotional reactivity and find our way to being at peace by understanding the four characters that live inside our mind. She goes on to discuss that these four characters drive our life. When we master who we want to be, we can then choose who we want to be regardless of our circumstances. Dr. Taylor states that when these four characters, are used mindfully, they open us up to whole brain living. This leads us to peace.

Right sided brain behaviour is known as the creative side. Right sided brain characteristics lets us live in the moment. It is all about “We”, ready to build community. Conversely, the left side of the brain is linear, the rational side is about “I am”. Generationally, we have moved from a society that valued family values to one that values structure. Demonstrating left brain behaviour. This new science demonstrates how we can regain balance in our brain, our life, and our communities.

“A healthy society is made up of a healthy brain

and communication with each other.

A healthy brain is made up of healthy cells

that are in communication with each other”

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor

The science

This science helps us understand the anatomy of the brain better, but also allows us to marry it with human psychology to gain greater efficiencies and understanding. What the four characters of the brain show us that we have different threads of consciousness. When they all work together our awareness becomes more astute, we become more compassionate and less judgemental.

What this science has taught me is, instead of worrying about why I could not remember memories or events, I should just accept it as it was baggage that no longer served me. It has also shown me that my brain could heal, regenerate, and activate other areas of my brain that have helped me grow on my journey.

Our choice!

In addition, living in the present moment gives us the power to choose who we want to be and how we want to live. Again, it is our choice and our responsibility, it all starts with us being the agent of change in our own life. Being clear on our identity is a key element to the journey.

Here are some ways that can help us be the master of our journey!

  • Change happens when we become aware of what is going on around us, being present
  • Become aware of the current environment
  • Awareness of breath, slow it down, this assists in being more present
  • Check-in on yourself and ask, “how am I feeling right now”?
  • Ask yourself “what is my best choice to make at this moment in time”?

Listening to the answers that come from within you, helps create the clarity to make the best decision at this moment in time. Taking action becomes easier, giving you better results.

Love to hear your thoughts.