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When the Universe Pushes You Forward!

Welcome to the new decade and we are well and truely feeling the impact of disruption. Over the last three months Australia has experienced “disruption” on a magnitude that could not have been imagined. As a result we are experiencing signs of “when the universe pushes you forward”!


The months are getting hotter, the country is getting dryer. Leading to unprecedented bush fires with catastrophic consequences not only for the people “in the line of fire”. People and services from all walks of life have been impacted by this event!

Reality Strikes!

This week I received a call from my son. As a mother, this was a call I never imagined I would receive. He is one of many Australians who are part of the Australian Army reserve.  He received a call deploying him to full time army duties for Operation Bushfire Assist. His question to me was “what does your schedule look like?”

As a family man he not only serves his country, he has a wife and family to take care of also. This is a time where the extended family all “pitch in”. Alter our schedules and become more flexible to help out. To make ourselves “available” without question.

These are extraordinary times in Australia. Defence Minister Linda Reynolds stated that the compulsory call-out of the 3,000 defence reservists was a first in the nation’s history. 

Extraordinary Events!

To survive this catastrophic event we need to dig deep. A time where we need to be kind to “our neighbour”, to be grateful and be without judgement. We cannot change what has happened but we can move forward and make a difference.

These extraordinary events have provided us an opportunity to reset and evaluate what is really important to us. To experience and try to understand what it feels like to “have lost everything”. Time to realise what is truely important. A time to heal!

This is a time when the universe pushes you forward!

Catastrophic events like these bush fires create an energetic shift on a global scale. Creating a space to move on from where we may “be stuck” to a place that is more conducive to “our new world”. A flexible and agile mindset will be the key.

Inspirational Leaders!

So in this age of disruption where everyone is being affected, inspirational leaders need to adapt quickly to these situations. To take the helm and guide their people through uncharted waters. 

The goal is to survive and thrive in these challenging times by seizing new found opportunities. The role of the inspirational leader is to navigate their team around the obstacles, make space for new ways of thinking and doing business whilst remaining balanced, supportive and connected.

The need for human connection is more important now than ever before. When so much has been lost, destroyed and broken, pain and sadness is everywhere. Human emotion is raw.

Mental and physical health requires to be healed and strengthened with kindness, compassion and understanding. Let’s keep the light burning.

The universe only pushes us forward when she know we have the knowledge, skills and abilities to do so. If this feels right then it will be the right thing to do. Change is inevitable and rapid. A time to make a difference and bring back balance and harmony.

Back to Basics!

Let’s dig deep, take a deep breath and launch into the healing process. It starts with you:-
1. Take care of yourself
2. Take care of others
3. Give selflessly with no judgement
4. Keep the human connection strong

This year I have committed to donated 10% from the sales of all my coaching programs that are purchased in 2020 to the RFS Bush Appeal. Let’s work together in helping Australia heal.

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