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Our Blueprint is Inside Us All!

Author JK Rowling acknowledged that our blueprint is inside of us all when she stated “We do not need magic to transform the world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already”.

2 Blueprints

However, imagine we have two blueprints, one is what we are born with and lives inside us and the other one is our belief system. Beliefs that we create. Our internal blueprint is inside us all and reflects what our purpose is and the reason we are here. Including the tools to help us get there. Our belief blueprint is what we tell ourselves is the truth, this can either be limiting or expansive.

Human Endurance!

Remember that time in 2011, when Turia Pitt’s life changed forever in a way she could not even imagine. She competed in an ultramarathon, when ravaged by a bush fire and sustained burns to 65% of her body.

Prior to this incident Turia had been a model, an elite athlete, completed a double degree and was working as an engineer at Kununurra Argyle Diamond Mine. She was also sharing her life with the man of her dreams.

The Journey!

Following her accident she spent long periods in hospital. For many years her life consisted of surgeries, rehabilitations and medical appointments. Gradually she began to heal and 12 months after her incident she was back running again despite Doctors telling her she would never run again.

Fast forward to 2016. Turia has completed an Ironman competition, written a book, become a motivational speaker and raised over $1million for Interplast a charity that is close to her heart.

She is currently engaged to Michael her long time boyfriend who has been her “rock” through her healing journey. Next year they will meet their second child and couldn’t be happier.

Turia’s story is an incredible example of having a strong and positive belief system as well as trusting her inner blueprint to guide her on her purpose in life. I would highly recommend listening to her short TED Talk.


Further more, focussing inward to “tap” into our internal blueprint gives clues as to where our strengths lie. Finding our purpose and having the courage to “run with it”. Focus on what fills us with joy and fulfilment.

Begin the Journey

Initiate this process by starting with being awareness and begin addressing the following:-

  1. Nurturing – Self and others. Keeping the body active by walking. Practice Gratitude and mindfulness daily. Learn to stay present. Drink fresh, clean water and spend 10mins a day in the fresh air and sunshine. Be kind to yourself and others. Spend time near the ocean or in the country where you can connect with mother nature. Learn to love yourself.
  2. Nutrition – Eating a clean diet with no preservatives, pesticides and eliminating sugars. Eating food that resonates with your body. Some people gravitate towards a red meat diet whereas others may favour a plant based diet. Everyone is different. Do the research and find out what works best for you. Or engage some professional support to help you with this.Remember everything in moderation. Enjoy what you eat,
  3. Capacity – Look at your schedule. What does you work load and lifestyle load look like? Try to arrange it so that you have a healthy balance. Apply strategies to monitor your work / life balance and make changes if possible. Engage some time management strategies. Evaluate your health status? Does this require some revision? Ask for help, call on your tribe to support you more. Share your problems and concerns with people you trust and respect.

Working on these key areas creates awareness and with practice and determination, the body energy improves and amplifies. This assists in connecting the body, mind and emotions. Balance is achieved in these areas it makes it easier to access the inner blueprint. You are well on your way to achieving your purpose, your why and seeking happiness and fulfilment in life.

In conclusion, moving into a new decade, a new energy is forging us all forward in a different and exciting way. A time of multiple challenges. A window of opportunity opens for us all to explore our purpose in a positive way, helping us to access our blueprint that is inside of us more readily.

Love to hear your thoughts or message me to chat further?