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This is the year of fun, freedom and prosperity!

This is the year of fun, freedom and prosperity!

As we launch into the new year I wish for all my readers the most amazing, magical year yet! A year that supports your healing and growth in life, career and business. This is the year of fun, freedom and prosperity!

You choose!

In essence this is a year that you get to say YES to what “lights you up” and bring it to fruition! Anything is possible!

A new paradigm!

2023 is the year where we are encouraged to learn from our past lessons and let go of the baggage. We have moved into a new paradigm.

  • One that supports us to use our energy wisely.
  • Encouraging us to be present and create space for new ideas and thoughts.
  • It’s about freedom, fun, happiness, value and worthiness.


Energetically, this will be a fast paced year where we can move through our experiences quicker, taking the key points to move forward in a more effective way. No longer getting stuck in old ways, patterns or limiting beliefs.

Say goodbye to procrastination, scarcity and lack!!

Welcome in self awareness, balance, harmony, collaboration, expansiveness, respect and integrity!

In fact, inside all of us lies the wisdom, knowledge and gifts that we need to propel us forward this year. Therefore, we get to embody our intentions without stress, fear or anxiety. Aligning to our true path, our reason for being here.

As we tap into our inner wisdom we unleash confidence, courage and strength. This encourages us to take on the role of the chief people officer in our business or organisation. A role that will become increasingly important this year.

The chief people officer is the heart felt leader:

  • The leader who is authentic, honest, empathic and compassionate!
  • The one who listens and creates a safe space for others to speak up and have their voice heard.
  • Leaning into their intuition, drawing strength, knowledge, wisdom and guidance from within.
  • The leader that is ready to embody the new paradigm of leadership and business!

In fact health energetics will become more topical as it takes a holistic approach. In essence this will support the chief people officer to facilitate change. This is the year of fun, freedom and prosperity!

Therefore as we better understand the science of the body and mind. For this reason we learn how to energetically integrate and balance the body, mind and spirit. Becoming lighter, happier and healthier.

Applying these principles will help us nurture our health and wellbeing, our relationships whilst valuing what is important in our lives. Letting go of judgement and fear. Becoming more present and open with an agile mind. Seeing the beauty and wonder in life!

Indeed let’s say goodbye to stress, anxiety, burnout and chronic health conditions. For this reason become the chief people officer who is transformative, caring and supportive on a mental, physical and emotional level!

Here are 3 tips to become the chief people officer!:

  1. Learn more about health energetics and how it can increase your self awareness and health
  2. Focus on your own inner healing and personal growth first before you support others, register for Joan’s 5 Day Healing Intensive Masterclass now!
  3. Be intentional each day and identify 3 simple steps that will allow you to work towards your daily goals.

With this in mind, setting intentions, self improvement and self development will lead you to FREEDOM, JOY and ABUNDANCE!!

If this is resonating with you and you feel ready to take the next step then let’s chat and see how we can help support you in this exciting year of 2023?