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Find magic in the mess!

Find magic in the mess!

What does it even mean to find magic in the mess! That is to say it is a growth process to get clarity on the next step in your life and business. The act of decluttering your home, business or life initially creates a mess, then as you get rid of what is no longer useful for you the mess clears as you make space. Therefore, creating space helps you to see your potential!

In fact recently I made the huge decision to sell my home and downsize! It has been on my mind for a while but something kept stopping me from taking action to sell my home! 

Several things had been holding me back! 

  • Fear of making the wrong decision and upsetting people!
  • Scared to move out of my comfort zone, keeping me stuck!
  • Fear of the future if I chose this new path!

When you take action, you create momentum, reduce mess, gain clarity and it makes moving forward easier to find the magic!

Choose to change!

In short I started the arduous task of decluttering, getting rid of all sorts of stuff that I had been hoarding. Stuff that was taking up space and energy. Stuff that was stopping me from seeing the bigger picture of my life. Ultimately, holding me back and preventing me from making fun decisions.

With each stage of the decluttering process, I felt chaos, mess fear, overwhelm, guilt and sadness. Letting go of parts of the past can cause sadness and grief. However, as the sadness subsides, the mess clears! That’s when it becomes easier to make decisions!

This whole process is like doing an emotional and physical spring clean. Looking at the emotions that surface as you start to remove objects from your life.

The Akashic Records!

The tool I found that was most helpful in helping me gain clarity on what I really wanted and supported me in unravelling the process was the Akashic Records, working in the quantum field.

Another key point, working in the energetic realm made sense as we are all energetic beings. This allowed me to see what was possible. In effect it allowed me to let go of fear and procrastination. As a result, it gave me courage to claim what I wanted on my terms. In a word, It felt aligned. It felt familiar!

Consequently it allowed me to embrace my fears, learn the lessons and let go of the clutter. Find the magic in the mess!

With gentle guidance from my mentor in the akashic records I tuned into my highest timeline and potential possible. I created a plan, listened to my inner voice and took inspired action every day. One step at a time. Always trusting and believing in myself that I was on track. 

My life has changed! I am excited about what my future has in store for me once I sell my current home and find my next forever home! Giving me the freedom and abundance to build my business in a way that aligns with my purpose.

We are not meant to be cookie cutter, one size fits all people! You wont find your magic there! 

We are all here to make a difference and shine our light brightly. 

When you put yourself first, that is when you can help yourself and the world! 

Ask yourself: –

  • Do you really know YOU?
  • Are you living by other peoples standards or by your own standards?
  • Are you acting on your true feelings or acting how society has taught you?
  • Thoughts are energy and they are powerful
  • Are you ready to change your thoughts and heal your body?
  • Are you continually learning and growing?
  • Are you consciously aware?

Are you ready to find magic in the mess? Do you know it is all possible! It starts with making a choice. Choosing YOU!

  • Ready to do business and life your way in a way that feels right for you? 
  • Are you curious about exploring your Akashic Records, your business blueprint and your health blueprint, and align to your highest potential? 
  • Ready to experience freedom and claim a healthier and happier you?

Have a wonderful week and become curious and ask yourself “What if I choose to do life and business differently”? Does your energy feel expansive or contracted? I encourage you to explore your possibilities, step away from old paradigms and embody one that lights you up as you find magic in the mess!