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The intuitive leader has the edge!

The “New Normal”

Everyone is talking about what the “new normal” will look like post COVID-19.  So much disruption has occured! For this reason, we move forward into a prime opportunity to re-design our new normal. In effect, this will require a shift in mindset. Change your perception and be agile as you realise the intuitive leader has the edge!


You will be surprised, to learn that the google dictionary describes intuition as the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. Clarified by Deepak Chopra, intuition is a form of intelligence that is beyond the rational mind.

Different Way of Thinking!

Climb aboard, and be part of the new wave of intuitive thinking. In addition, this way of thinking is now being used by many successful leaders. Leaders such as Apple CEO Tim Cook. Cook was an industrial engineer before becoming gaining his position with Apple.

Cook talks about how intuition led him to work at Apple despite a lot of evidence and close friends suggesting that he should not take the position. Going on to say that he believes intuition matures over time.

Cook describes himself as an analytic engineer. At the same time he admits to making most of his important decisions based on intuition. Cook believes that sometimes despite all odds you just need to listen to “that voice in your head” and “go for it”!

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” 

Albert Einstein


Neuroscientists are now finding through research and techniques how to better assist leaders access their intuition. At the same time, allowing for faster and better decisions being made. Scientists have found that humans have 3 brains.

3 different forms of intelligence found in our brain, heart and gut. Given these points the 3 sources of intelligence work together in intuitive decision making.

3 tips on how to develop intuitive leader capabilities:-

  1. Listen to your brain, heart and gut intelligence, your inner voice. Trust what you hear and feel. Practice, practice, practice. This becomes an art! Building confidence, efficiencies and calm.
  2. Dont attach yourself to negative emotions. Do not buy into negative conversation. Avoid hanging out with negative personalities.They just drain your energy. Avoiding this keeps your energy elevated and purposeful.
  3. Enjoy solitude where you can. This provides the space and quiet to listen to your inner voice. Strengthen this with a daily mindfulness practice. This is a sound self care practice that reaps multiple benefits.

At The End of The Day!

In reality, everything is up for grabs at the moment. For this reason dig deep and explore your hidden voice, your inner sources of intelligence. Find new and effective ways to inspire and lead your teams by trusting your intuition.

The intuitive leader has the edge! Making faster decisions based on their gut instincts is beneficial both to the individual, team and the business.

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