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Ready to boost your energy!

Ready to boost your energy!

Have you have lost your direction and need to find some clarity to gain a healthy balance with increased energy and vitality? Are you ready to boost your energy!

In other words, let’s first understand the body. Hence, through the study of Quantum physics, the science that describes how everything works. In effect, the human body is made up of matter, particles, and energy. Remembering also that the body comprises around 70% water.

So, if this is the case then it helps us to understand when our energy becomes depleted and the best ways to re-energise. Recently I was experiencing a severe headache. This was unusual for me. As a result, I immediately started to look for the cause. Initially, I looked at the obvious causes that cause a headache, such as being out in the sun, not having enough sleep, or being too stressed. However, I could not identify with any of these causes at the time.

Then I looked a bit deeper. Recently, I had been spending a lot of my time writing and preparing work for an upcoming event. I had become so absorbed in my work. As a result, my eyes been straining at a computer and I had been forgetting to drink water and take rest and movement breaks.

The body!

Remembering that our bodies are around 70% water, and we lose about one litre a day through “insensible” fluid loss. This is fluid lost from the body via our skin, gut, and lungs. It is easy to become dehydrated. When our brain becomes dehydrated, the brain cells start to shrivel up making them work less efficiently. Pain can sometimes be the brain’s signal to us that we need to hydrate and take a break!

Water comprises oxygen and hydrogen molecules and when we drink water, it goes into the body, adding fluid but also energy. This set’s up a chain reaction in the body increasing energy in various body organs and body systems.

The Changes!

You know when you have reached this level as you start feeling lighter, energised and you feel an inner sense of knowing. Starting to feel an inner strength. You are moving into a balance between your mind and body where you feel balanced. Your work feels effortless, and you have an abundance of energy and can feel your body vibration rising.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy,

not on fighting the old,

but on building the new.”

Dan Millman

Drinking water can be the start to increasing energy in your body, increasing motivation, and clarity. The impact of this is that you are drawn to eat cleaner, more nutritious food and you enjoy a daily exercise routine. Your awareness has increased, and you are no longer attracting negative energies to you.

Setting up for a successful life requires you to heal and transform. Letting go of any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Trusting and knowing that all the knowledge and wisdom that you need is already within you. The trick to access this wisdom and knowledge is to raise your body’s energy. Develop a clear plan and get yourself an accountability buddy.

Some tips

So here are some ways that you can increase your energy, gain clarity and vitality to set you up to achieve your dreams:

  1. Understand what “lights you up” from the inside out. What are you passionate about and have an action plan that will guide you to achieve this outcome?
  2. Review the people in your network. Ask yourself, “do they inspire me”? If not, look at replacing them with more like-minded people, people who do inspire you, people who are more vibrant and supportive of helping you grow. You need people in your corner “cheering you on”.
  3. Keep moving forward, life is a journey, and it is not always easy sailing. However, when you have high energy levels, it becomes easier to manage the “knocks” and reset, dust yourself off and move forward.
  4. Remember, a healthy nutritious diet, clean water, exercise, and a healthy attitude are all part of your wellness toolkit that is part of your foundation to building and increasing your energy.

Are you ready to boost your energy! What healthy changes can you make?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts?