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Step into your personal power with a rock-solid identity!

Step into your personal power with a rock-solid identity!

Step into your personal power with a rock-solid identity! So, what does that really mean? Firstly, It’s about taking responsibility and owning your personal power. Living by your values and being driven by integrity. In other words, holding onto old ways and old belief systems can slow your growth and development.

First thing to remember, when you create personal transformation, this requires awareness, to discover your mental, physical, and emotional levels. Allowing you to go within to explore who you are and gently awaken, to create the shift that you have been seeking. This enables healing, balance, revitalisation, and awakening to step into your personal power with a rock-solid identity.

Last week I was mentoring a client, and she mentioned how frustrated she was with her role, struggling to get recognition for the work she was doing.

Working in a male-dominated industry she was constantly struggling to have her voice heard in meetings. When she presented in meetings, she felt that senior management just paid lip service, however, later in the same meeting her boss would then re-iterate what she had said, and the room would praise him for sharing such great insights. She felt that no-one in the meeting heard her or valued her contribution!

Does this sound familiar?

My client was caught up in a cycle, similar to what you experience when you are grieving the loss of someone. Elizabeth Kubler developed the 5 stages of grief. She described these emotions as denial, anger, blame, sadness, and acceptance, which may occur in any order.

I likened this grief process to what many of my clients who work in a male-dominated industry experience. At times it can almost feel like their identity has been lost and the work they do is meaningless. Change occurs when they become confident and courageous enough to accept their situation, take control of it and accept responsibility.

Stage 1: Denial, can be helpful when you are working in a work environment that doesn’t feel supportive and inclusive. When we feel totally out of our depth and overwhelmed. It helps us to survive. It can provide time and space to evaluate the situation and devise a plan.

Stage 2: Anger, at times you may feel angry at yourself or project this anger onto your colleagues or organisation. This can manifest when your voice isn’t being heard or your work is not acknowledged. Anger helps open an inner doorway to explore deeper emotions and feelings, to rekindle your essence, your why.

Stage 3: Blame, when you lose control of your role it is easy to shift the blame to others. Sometimes this works as a pressure relief while you try and regain control and understand what you need to do to pick yourself up from this downward spiral.

Stage 4: Sadness, can lead to despair if you get “beaten down” often enough. You lose your sense of identity and belonging. Feelings of unworthiness can also creep in due to a lack of recognition.

Stage 5: Acceptance, the healing process can begin when you accept the situation you have found yourself in and take control of the things that you can control. You start to give yourself permission to take responsibility and redesign your mindset and your thoughts as you develop an action plan to drive the change you need.

“True power is living with the realisation that you are your own healer, hero, and leader”

– Yung Pueblo

As we know, life isn’t straightforward, we have to bend and weave along the journey. It’s our persistence and self-belief that gets us through. It’s a bit like lifting the veil of fog that lies on the surface of the lake, when the veil is lifted, we can sail through towards a clearer future. You are now strengthening your foundation as you pull all the pieces together.

Here are 3 tips to create momentum and shift you forward:

  1. Get out of your comfort zone
  2. Change your current thoughts into a more positive expression
  3. Take action

Look forward to hearing your thoughts?