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Design a beautiful life as you transform!

Design a beautiful life as you transform!

Have you ever wondered what your beautiful life would look like? We can all create a beautiful life when we give ourselves permission to transform, believe and trust. In effect, the journey helps us to rebalance, reenergise, and heal our mind and body. Allowing you to design a beautiful life as you transform!

Fearful about realising your potential!

To point out, many women I talk to tell me stories about how fearful they are around becoming their best self. Thus, preventing them from achieving more. When we view our life through a lens of not being quite good enough, or clever enough, it is like we only see a glass half empty. However, this limits your ability to grow. Ultimately, self-compassion is the key to the start of your journey.

Self-compassion is the key!

With this in mind, imagine how much happier and fulfilled you could be if you took yourself along a journey of self-compassion? In order to explore your inner thoughts, dreams, wants, and needs? To be honest with yourself and follow your heart. Doing what really makes you want to leap out of bed every morning, excited for a new day and new beginnings. As a result, learning how to love yourself and honouring your worth. In effect, prioritising you on your journey.

Eddie Jaku!

Author and Holocaust survivor Eddie Jaku published his first book as he turned 100 years of age. As a German Jew, he was captured in his early 20’s. Imprisoned in various concentration camps for 7 years, where he was subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment. He survived the war! Rescued by Allied soldiers before traveling to Australia in 1950. From there he made a life for himself and his family to this day.

Jaku believes he is the happiest man on earth despite surviving the horrors of the holocaust and losing many family members and friends along the way. He says “life can be beautiful if you make it beautiful… Happiness is something we can choose. It is up to you”.

Being of service to others!

Throughout his book, he talks about “hating no-one”, always treating people respectfully no matter what. He always believed that he could help others and make a difference.  He refused to let the Holocaust define him. Jaku rose above it, knowing that he wanted to do more with his life and never giving up. He always found gratitude and kindness. It was this that gave him the strength to keep dreaming about his life after the war.

During his captivity, he was always looking at ways that he could help and be of service. Knowing he was educated and had a sound mechanical background, he used that to his advantage and believes that this prevented him from being killed on many occasions. Jaku valued his self-worth

Even during the harshness of his situation, he was always finding the beauty in life, giving him strength. This kept him alive as he designed his life. Somewhere deep inside Jaku, he knew what he was capable of and he never lost sight of it.


Professor Kristen Neff has researched self-compassion for two decades. Neff explains that she has found that there are three core components of self-compassion. These components are, being kind to yourself, we are all in this together, meaning we are all similar, we all suffer in one way or another and thirdly being mindful, seeing clearly with non-judgemental acceptance of what is occurring in the here and now.

She goes on to say that the more self-compassion we have, the easier it becomes to deal with difficult emotions. This prevents us from becoming too reactive to our situation and in turn, can save us. We become stronger and more powerful as our self-compassion grows, this allows us to bear our pain easier.

Jaku demonstrated his self-compassion throughout his life. Resulting in a remarkable transformation, personally and also professionally. He survived the holocaust and went on to contribute so much to Australia and the Jewish community. Whilst still being a very humble man.

It starts with you!

So, the point is that Jaku is testament that regardless of your situation, practicing self-compassion assists you to design a beautiful life as you transform! Once you develop your self-compassion it forms the basis of where you draw your strength from. Viewing everyone as equal, not defining people by class, race, educational or political standing.

Starting to build your beautiful life and opening up to what is possible, here are three simple tips to begin:

  1. Acknowledge that you are not perfect and don’t get caught up in the victim mindset.
  2. Accept yourself for where you are at in this present moment
  3. Always focus your energy on positive ways as you set your intention to be kinder to yourself

I hope that this blog has resonated with you at some level? I encourage you to check in with yourself and give yourself a score on the weekly health barometer checklist to see where you currently sit? What improvements can you make to improve your life?