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Setting goals to empower you!

A New Year!

Together, as we embark on a new year, let’s consider the value of setting goals to empower you!. In addition, let’s prepare for new beginnings by having a plan and setting goals to empower you!

Notably, last month I attended a female entrepreneur networking event. Specifically, it was a crowded event full of empowered and positive females. In effect, they all showed up to make a difference in their business, careers and life. As we chatted through the evening on a variety of topics it became clear that we all agreed on three key ingredients that we belive we will all benefit from having more of in 2021.

The Key to transformation

I am sure it will not come as a surprise to many of you reading this newsletter what they are, but I thought it would be helpful to talk about them as a reminder. So here are the top three ingredients that will help us heal and transform over the next 12 months.

  1. Courage 
  2. Confidence
  3. Self worth

A Step Change!

Equally important, 2021 is all about stepping into our power as we heal and transform to re-focus. Changing the ways we have previously thought and worked. Coupled with looking at life, career and business through a different lens. A lens that has a 360 degree perspective. Equally, viewing the mental, physical and emotional aspects of our being to create health and balance in life.

Using the 3 key ingredients will facilitate us to write our script, that will serve us and also others around us. Making a collective impact. Utilising our time more effectively and reducing any chaos. 

“Set your goals high enough to inspire you and low enough to encourage you” Unknown

Make it Real!

It is a bit like looking into your crystal ball and seeing your key ingredients. Then you can bring them to life. Making them real.

Rowdy Mclean, author of Play the bigger game reminds us that if you do not take action, you do not get results. All things considered, you need to break down your goals (ingredients) and identify 3 critical actions that you need to take to bring your ingredient to life. Remember actions speak louder that words!

So what actions do you need to implement to get traction on your ingredients to heal and transform you so that you can play your bigger game?
1. Courage: what is it that you need to do take you from where you are at now to where you dream of being?
2. Confidence: what actions could you take to build your confidence. It may be something as simple as looking at yourself in the mirror every day and affirming that you are deserving of increased confidence as you …..
3. Self-worth: the actions you need to improve your self-worth may be that you stop listening to your negative narrative, or every time to receive a negative comment, you quickly find a positive and replace the negative.

A big thank you to everyone in my network who continues to support me by reading my newsletters / blogs.

Wishing you all a fantastic, healthy and transformative 2021 where you reap the benefits of your 3 magical ingredients of courage, confidence and self-worth.

P.S. Would you like to work with me this year? Now is the time to chat about your coaching goals for 2021. Contact me here to make a time for a complimentary call with me