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Pain is the Silent Assassin – Holding Us Back!

Pain is the silent assassin – holding us back!

Its like the elephant in the room. You feel the pain but choose to ignore it. However the more the pain is ignored the more debilitated and dysfunctional we become.

Pain may manifest in different forms, it may be acute or chronic. It may be sharp or dull. We may have taught ourself how to normalise the feeling and either mask it with pharmaceuticals, go into denial or just simply make excuses.


Did you know that when we become fearful, we panic and in-turn every cell and organ in our body is impacted at some level. This creates dis-ease at a cellular level and pain can result. Often we are not aware of this for a period of time.


Currently the  COVID-19 Virus Pandemic continues to cause massive global disruption of unprecedented magnitude. No one seems to be escaping the events of this situation. A global health emergency has been rapidly unfolding before our eyes.

COVID-19 has not only caused disruption, but fear and panic also. The more we become fearful and panic the more we loose control and our confidence is impacted. It kind of goes hand in hand. Dis-ease has started to set in without us perhaps even being aware.

I have had many conversations with clients, friends, family and health and emergency care workers. And if I was to sum up the common theme to survive these tumultuous times is “to get comfortable with being uncomfortable”!

Some scientists suggest based on recent modelling that the COVID-19 virus may not peak until July 2020.

It is important for us to listen to the advice from experts and understand the science around the virus. Keeping all this information in perspective will serve us all better.

The key here is to obtain and listen to factual information and act on that. Being informed with facts helps us keep the situation in perspective. Regular updates allows us to adjust our “situation” appropriately. This is a dynamic situation that requires an agile mind and attitude to adapt as required.

Whether we are managing our career, health or personal situation the effects are the same. Fear, panic and loss of control create pain and dis-ease as we manoeuvre through the mind-field. 


However pain may manifest in different forms, it may be acute or chronic. We may have taught ourself how to normalise the feeling and either mask it with pharmaceuticals, go into denial or just simply making excuses.

Looking beyond the physical symptoms and asking ourself how we feel emotionally can help us lessen our fears. Being fearful, loosing control and confidence can spiral are negative traits that feed the fear.

Consider feeling the emotion around your fears and when you feel them, just acknowledge them and let them go. On an energetic level this will heighten your body vibration!

The science around fear and stress shows how it impacts the immune system and can significantly affect the health of the body. 

So what next?

Our world has changed and it is now time to rest, recharge and reset. This is an opportune time to let go of fear and embrace our new way of life. Pain will no longer be the silent assassin that holds us back?

Get rid of what no longer serves us, create a healthy mindset and lean in to all potential possibilities. And lastly let’s not forget to be kind to all especially to people who are struggling with this transition.

  1. Do not fear the changes, embrace it
  2. Take a massive leap of faith
  3. Project what you are looking for in your life, business and career
  4. Adopt an agile mindset
  5. Consider potential opportunities and expand on them
  6. Dare to go where you have not gone before
  7. Breathe and trust

Take control of what is within your reach. Stand in your own personal power. Open up your heart (knowing) and program your mind (doing) to project your intent and take action!

Stay present and be aligned with what you want in life. You are in charge and in control of your journey not pain!

Would love to hear your thoughts?