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Negative thoughts erode your health!

When life throws you a curve ball!

Recently an old friend, let’s call her Maggie. was telling me about her week. To begin with, Maggie is a well sought-after businesswoman, an expert in her field with a crazy work schedule. It just so happened that in amongst her busy weekly schedule she received a phone call from a family member in another state. Unfortunately the news was not good! Her sister had attempted to commit suicide. Negative thoughts erode your health!


Firstly, this was not the first time that Maggie had received news like this about her sister. In addition, a pattern had emerged over the years of the sister being the victim and Maggie being the rescuer. Unfortunately, no matter what people tell you on the best way to handle situations like this, it still leaves you feeling responsible in some way. At some level guilt, fear, and anger appear. As a result, the personal cost is high not only for Maggie but for other family members.

Negative thoughts!

You see, negative thoughts impact the energetics of the body. Lowering the vibration of the body. This results in the dimming of the vibrancy of the body. At a cellular level, the body becomes depleted. Unable to absorb nutrients effectively. Leading to malfunctioning of cells including the physical and electrical absorption.

Staying in a low energetic state compromises rejuvenation of body cells. Gradually the body silently breaks down. Negative thoughts further compounding this state. Negative thoughts erode your health!

The signs!

Fatigue, lethargy, and hopelessness slowly creep into the body. Some of the negative thoughts of fear, anger, and guilt exacerbate these physical symptoms. Maggie was certainly experiencing these symptoms.

Transformational Leadership!

Maggie did what all good leaders do! She identified what was within her control sphere. Then set about identifying what she could do to change her patterns and ways of dealing with this pattern of events. She started to control what she could control. Remembering she was the master of her journey.

By taking control of her own life Maggie could better help her sister. Delving deep into her feelings and thoughts Maggie realised that she could support her sister by providing a safe place to talk without judgment. The art of listening is incredibly powerful when you stay present. The more she explored and listened to her inner thoughts the more energised she became. The fatigue dissipated and her feelings of hopelessness lightened. 

Did you know: –

– 8 Australians die every day by suicide
– Over 65,000 Australians attempt suicide every year
– 1:4 Australians are lonely and don’t have anyone to speak to

As leaders supporting the psychological health of your team is paramount to be successful. It’s about bringing in the human connection – opening up to the heart feeling side. Balancing this with the mind doing to create a balance. A balance between the logic and the emotions. 

Without this change of attitude, it’s like cancer devouring the healthy body cells. Cell by cell they are broken down. Negative thoughts erode your health and contribute to this destruction.

Wise words!

Some wise words from a nurse who was explaining to Belinda, who was a survivor. Suggesting a different way of looking at psychological recovery. 
The nurse stated ‘If you had a broken leg and you were in the hospital, would you feel that guilt about it?’ Belinda said No’. The nurse went on to say ‘If it stops you beating up on yourself, I can bandage your head because you have a broken head’.

Attempted suicide has become more common than we realise. Leaders play an important part in supporting the psychological health of their people in the workplace.

Self Care!

Finally, it is important to remember that it all starts with you. Looking after yourself. Not to mention, engaging in self-care practices, building a strong foundation. Allows you to support others and show them effective ways to build psychological safety. Negative thoughts should have no place in a healthy workplace. Removing them in the workplace creates a ripple effect across communities.

Above all, raising the body vibration increases health and happiness as negative thoughts are released. In addition, resulting in a reduction of chronic disease and poor work practices. Transformational leaders have built resilience through robust self-care practices and focus on health and wellbeing as a key pillar of success.

“Just the simple process of letting go of negative thoughts will allow your natural state of health to emerge within you”

Rhonda Byrne

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