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Experience the wonder of a Chief Wellbeing Officer in your business!

New way of doing business!

Prepare yourself for a change in how we do business! Now more than ever business will flourish by supporting a robust wellbeing approach. Experience the wonder of a Chief Wellbeing Officer in your business! Supporting the business and team holistically creates multidimensional growth on a mental, physical, emotional, professional, and financial level.

Changing jobs!

During these disruptive COVID-19 times my daughter was faced with the challenge of commencing a new position remotely with a new business. Despite the uniqueness of this “new normal” her new business embraced this change with a positive attitude. As a result, leaving a lasting impression with my daughter.

Her new boss, let’s call her Suzi, managed the remote induction and orientation period as if she had been doing this for years. That is to say, it was fluid and responsive to each need as it appeared.

The Value of the Chief Wellness Officer

For this reason, Suzi worked closely with her Chief Wellbeing Officer (CWO) to make sure the process ran smoothly. They ensured that my daughter was brought into this business and given all the IT and people support to commence her job. As a result she quickly felt like part of the team. Experience the wonder of a Chief Wellbeing Officer in your business, was now in action!

Developing Connection!

Not to mention, couriers dropped off various tools and equipment that my daughter required daily. In order to support her in transitioning to her new role. As a result, she felt such amazing support that at times she didn’t even realise she was working remotely. In effect, the induction was robust and thorough with the CWO supporting her daily.

Adding the personal touch with such detail made an enormous difference to the success of both Suzi and my daughter connecting and embracing this new job and team.

Having fun!

The icing on the cake is work drinks on a Friday afternoon. The CWO prepares a theme for the session. He creates the collaterals and explains in detail what the theme is and prepares a cocktail for the event. The courier then delivers all the cocktail ingredients and recipes to each member of the team before the event. A successful Friday event is as a result of an enormous amount of effort and research. Creating fun, collaboration, and connection. Learning about each other in different ways.

“The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy”.

Chinese proverb

Healthy organisations!

CWO has been around for many years. Historically they were focussed around trying to maintain a balance within organisations with work, lifestyle, organisational and personal needs. Ultimately supporting people and the business.


Research is telling us that the way we support ourselves and others within our business is critical in the current landscape. As a result of this what we are seeing is businesses making their people a top priority. One of the ways of doing this is engaging a CWO at a senior level within the business. 

Organisations are now recognising that people management and care must be escalated to the next level. As stress has been classified by the world health organisation as the health epidemic of the 21st century. However, health also reduces the GDP by 15% per annum. Thus impacting the financial resources of the organisations.

The CWO, therefore, is a conduit between supporting the organisational health and the human health of the business. Creating a balance is the key to success. To drill-down and understand what makes the individual “tick”. Understanding their purpose and then merge it with the purpose of the organisation. Finding the commonalities to bring clarity and effectiveness.

Creating balance!

Finding a common ground to bring the yin and yang back into the office. Finally, realising that people are the strongest asset for organisations. Investing in people in turn will have the richest returns.

So what’s the point!

Being the CWO holds a lot of responsibility in guiding both the organisation and the people to find their purpose, align, and integrate. Starting by creating a healthy culture. Organisations are successful when their people are happy and working towards a common goal. 
The best place to start is to nurture your people to understand what their purpose is. Providing holistic support around mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Creating a culture of wellbeing that leads to healthy, strong performance.

Try these 3 points:-

  1. Understand the purpose of all of your team members. Take time to get to know them.
  2. Develop lead indicators around wellbeing, health, and happiness
  3. Create a continuous improvement cycle. Everyone is accountable and the CWO ensures the availability of support tools and programs to feed the cycle.

It is the sum of all parts that make the whole. We all need to be the change that we want. 

Would love to hear your thoughts?


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