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Current Thoughts Map Our Future!

Our Current Thoughts Map Our Future..

How often do we consider how much our current thoughts map our future?  We are living in such a “time poor” state. Not many of us take the time to consciously think about our thoughts.

The more we live in the present moment, the more we are aware of our current thoughts and how they map our future. This allows us to understand the impact they have on influencing our future.

Creating our Future

HoweverLouise Hay believed that ” Every thought we think is creating our future”. She talked about every thought that we have goes out into the universe, through our words and return to us in the shape of experience. Once we accept that this happens we are in a position to start creating our future life.
For most of us our minds are so busy with thoughts. We are constantly thinking and too busy to listen to our thoughts. By practicing affirmations and mindfulness allows us to become present. Creating a space in our mind to listen to our thoughts, providing an opportunity to listen and shape our future. One small step at a time.

It’s like planting a seed in your garden, watering it and watching it grow. The more that you nurture that seed the quicker it grows, and the same applies when you spend more time practicing self care for yourself and clearing your mind allowing you to hear your thoughts that will shape your future.

You will create what you think and what you believe!

Growth and Change are Constant..

In addition, Oprah talks about growth and change in our lives. The fact that it is constant. She says, when we do not know our purpose we are just wasting time and drifting aimlessly.

Finding Your Purpose is the Key!

In conclusion, Oprah agrees that finding your purpose is paramount in being effective in your life and travelling your journey in this lifetime. When we do not pay attention and listen to that voice inside us that intuitively knows what we need to be doing next we inhibit our growth. The challenge is for us to step up and find our purpose, to use the skills that we have been given and be the best version of ourself and lead with our heart  in our true authentic expression. It is time to stop worrying about what others may think, it’s about believing in you.

Oprah’s Dream

Did you know that Oprah met with Nelson Mandela in 2000? Interestingly she shared her vision with him that she wanted to build a school for gifted and disadvantaged girls in Africa. Above all she wanted to give them leadership and educational opportunities. In 2002 the school project began and the school opened in 2007. The inaugural class of 72 girls graduated in 2011. Oprah wanted to help girls who grew up like her “economically disadvantaged, not poor in mind or spirit”.
After that, Oprah received much criticism over the extravagance of the $40 million school but she believed that:

“I think the reason not just Africa but the world is in the state that it is because of a lack of leadership on all levels of government … and particularly in regard to schools and schooling for poor children. … The best way to effect change long term is to … give children exposure and opportunity and nurture them to understand their own power and possibility

Above all, how do female leaders encourage their teams to focus on current thoughts to map our future. Here are 3 steps that can start the process:

  1. Therefore, Listen to your thoughts, give them a voice – be tenacious, be unstoppable!
  2. Sit with what you are uncomfortable with and own it – face the risk – trust yourself
  3. Start a movement and make it matter – own your passion, create momentum..

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