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Akashic Records VIP Mentoring and Healing Experience

Special Offer for July 2023

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This special offer is happening NOW!

So from now until 29 July 2023, you can get a 50% discount on my AKASHIC RECORDS VIP MENTORING & HEALING EXPERIENCE.

This VIP EXPERIENCE is for Female Entrepreneurs who are ready to revamp their health and expand their business!

VIP 1:1 Mentoring & Healing Experience with Joan


Conscious Transformation


♥ VIP 1-on-1 Soul Mentoring & Healing Experience to elevate to your next level of success as you heal and align to your health and business blueprint.

♥ Half day visionary session where we do a deep dive in your Akashic Records, looking at your health and business blueprint to align to your soul blueprint

♥ 90 minute 1-on-1 Healing and Alignment Activation in your Akashic Records to embody your unique souls blueprint

♥  60 min 1 : 1 Clairvoyant Aura Reading and Energy Healing with an activation of your health and wisdom codes

♥ Mentoring is done in your Akashic Records to activate new light codes and levels of awareness in your health, life and business!

♥ Align to your Health & Business blueprint to amplify your energy and vitality!

♥ Guided healings & activations to access your health, business and abundance codes!

♥ Receive clarity & alignment for your Health & Business in 2023

♥ Your Akashic Records help you connect to your soul’s blueprint, your codes of health, wisdom and abundance as you gain clarity on your unique gifts and message.

This will be a powerful experience for female entrepreneurs or those who feel called to creating a purpose-driven business in 2023.

You will gain clarity around your unique gifts and your soul’s purpose. Your WHY!

During these readings you will get an understanding of your pure potential and infinite possibilities. Your purpose in this lifetime!

We will also look at past lives that are ready to be released as you no longer align to them. Aligning you to your highest timeline possible at this time.



This Visionary Akashic Records VIP Mentoring & Healing Experience :

Will support the female entrepreneur who is feeling burnt-out and overwhelmed.

Help you to revamp your health and bring the spark back to your career & business with increased energy.

Be prepared for 2024 feeling aligned and supported as you feel excited about life and business.

You will learn how working in your Akashic Records will support your soul level healing and transform your health and business and shift you into overflow!

What are the Akashic Records?

Gain clarity to revamp your health and bring the spark back to your business.

As a female entrepreneur you will discover your unique gifts and align to your unique health blueprint.

Transform your overwhelm and stress into clarity with amplified energy.

Release your fears and doubts and claim confidence, courage and strength as you tap into your inner wisdom

Ignite your PASSION as you get clear on your unique gifts and message.


Begin to TRUST your INTUITION as you listen and act on your INNER GUIDANCE

RELEASE old patterns and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back as you ALIGN to your soul purpose

Activate your unique codes of health, business and abundance

Access your unique Akashic records and learn how aligning to your health blueprint can bring the spark back into your business?

VIP MENTORING & Healing Experience – BUY NOW!

What some of my clients have said:

Jessica Ritchie – Director Transformational Brand Lab

Caroline Woodman- Founder Bath Calm




I think of my role in how I help others is like being a master key.


I guide female entrepreneurs in their Akashic Records to access their health & business blueprint and highest timeline possible to revamp their health and bring the spark back to their business!

With over 20 years of clinical experience and 15 years in corporate leadership, it has always been my mission to make a difference and create change.


Many years ago I left my homeland of Scotland and migrated to Australia with my new husband while being 5 months pregnant with my first child!

Some said we were crazy but all I could see was that this was an amazing opportunity and it felt good and exciting!

We arrived in Western Australia on a hot January morning with 2 suitcases, $200 dollars in our pocket and a huge adventure in front of us.

We had no friends or family here! Still, I felt a calmness inside of me when we arrived, a sense of knowing that it was going to be ok. It felt aligned.

Finding a place to stay happened effortlessly. In fact we secured a small apartment that was 100 metres from the beautiful Cottesloe beach. What a magical place!

Confirmation that i was aligned!

We quickly settled down, found work, had our baby and before long we had built our first home, had a second child and then became restless again!

I have always trusted my intuition and before long we had packed up our car, left our jobs and set up for a new chapter of our life in the Kimberley’s, the northern part of Western Australia.

Unknown to me at the time this was where my Spiritual Awakening was to occur.

It was during this time I realised what my unique gifts were, however I hid them away for many years before stepping fully into my power and owning them.

Surrendering to my purpose back in those early days when we arrived in Australia was the catalyst for consciously transforming my life.

Being consciously aware gave me the courage to say “yes” to just about every opportunity that came my way. By doing this I created a life using my unique gifts and sharing my message.

My career has gone from Registered Nurse to Naturopath, to Reiki Master to Corporate Executive and Leader of a Global Oil and Gas Organisation.

My next awakening came when I left the Corporate World in 2017. I had been a senior leader for many years in the Oil & Gas industry and had lost sight of what my PURPOSE was. I had lost my PASSION and I had stopped using my unique gifts.

I took time out to heal and re-evaluate. However, as i reflected I realised I had stopped listening to my intuition and placed a strong focus on my left brain, being very goal oriented and outcomes focussed as the cost of my own health and wellbeing. I lost sight of what made me healthy and happy!

I now work with female entrepreneurs who are feeling burnt-out and overwhelmed and they’re ready to revamp their health and bring the spark back to their business.

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