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SPECIAL OFFER – Available from Thursday 14 September – Sunday 17 September 2023

50 minute Energy Reading, Clearing and healing Session with Joan via Zoom

Learn how unlocking your health codes can help your business grow financially?
Are you curious how soul level healing can transform your health & business and shift you into overflow?

We don’t always make the connection between our health and the growth of our business but understanding your unique energetic blueprint for health is actually the key to your expansion!

During this Zoom session we will look at:
– Journey into your Akashic Records where all your soul information is stored.
– Connect with your spirit team and guides to support you on your journey.
– Gain specific guidance on your health and receive energetic healing.
– Boost your intuitive abilities.
– Release energy blockages and patterns that are keeping you “stuck”, impacting your health and abundance.
– Support you as you align to your purpose and highest potential.
– Receive health code activations.