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When You Follow the Life You Are Meant to Be Living!

When You Follow the life you are meant to be living?

When you follow the life you are meant to be living! Does it matter or is it just ok to plod along and just accept what you have?  As a result, if your not happy and not fulfilled then maybe its time to take a look at where you are at?  When you follow the life that you are meant to be living allows you opportunities to explore what you can change in your life.

How do you know?

Keeping true to my intuition led me to following the life I was meant to be living. From an early age I was always guided and I always knew I was a healer. How to implement my skills was difficult for me to understand? Gravitating into nursing left me wanting more knowledge and skills.
I flitted through life constantly exploring and seeking knowledge. Hoping to find the answers on how best I could serve with my craft.

When You Follow Your Path!

Over many years i found myself studying a multitude of modalities. Some of these included health science, mental health, occupational health, naturopathy, energy healing, crystal therapy, massage and spiritual mediumship. The end result is that i am now comfortable and confident with my knowledge and skills to be an effective healer. A feeling of completeness and fulfilment for me.

My mind was just so thirsty for all the information I could gain! Ultimately when I quenched my desire for knowledge I felt confident and worthy enough to practice my craft. Remember it is different for everybody. This is a wee story of my journey which may help answer some questions you may have…

Become a better version of YOU!

When you follow the life you are meant to be living your intuition . becomes heightened. Have you ever wondered what that “gut feel” inside of you is all about? People often state that they rely on there “gut feel”.
This “gut feel” is otherwise know as your intuition and everybody has this ability.  Some have chosen to develop it further so that it can be a more reliable source in guiding them and others through life to achieve more beneficial outcomes. Read more

Another View

Recently I listened to a TED talk by Rick Warren on a Life of Purpose and although he is a religious pastor a lot of the content resonated from me from a spiritual context.
He talked about spiritual emptiness. The pastor explained that it was due to the fact that we want to hold on to our material wealth because we don’t know what we want. Interesting, he stated that once you decide what you really want it is easy to focus on this to create a shift in your mindset? Does this sound familiar?
He also talked about giving back and how this helps you to create a balance in your life leading to fulfilment.
Its a personal choice whether to allow change into your life or not but its an option worth considering.