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When the body and mind collide!

Moving forward!

Have you ever had the feeling that your mind is about to explode? You have so much information in your head. Fantastic ideas that you are passionate about. Unfortunately, when fear steps in, it stalls you, preventing you from moving forward. You have reached the pivoting point, time to push through. When the body and mind collide!

Try and lean into the resistance you feel. Relax, ride the wave, grow, or accept the resistance and get stuck! An energetic moment has occurred that can metaphorically crack your beliefs open to growing. To be the seeker or to hide that is the choice.

Self- Belief!

Oprah Winfrey, one of the most successful females of our time, with a net worth of over $2.9 billion US dollars. Growing up in poverty. Born to a single mother living on welfare. She was physically, mentally, and sexually abused during her childhood. Running away from home at thirteen-years-old, and pregnant at fourteen-years-old. Later she lost the baby shortly after its birth.

At the age of 19 years, Winfrey found herself in radio as a reporter. From there she found herself hosting chat shows and by 1985 she had her own Oprah Winfrey show. Going from strength to strength she launched her cable television network for women and O magazine in 2000.

Known as an activist for children’s rights and philanthropist. In 2018 she became the first African American woman awarded the Golden Globe Cecil B DeMille award for lifetime achievement.

Doing the Inner Work!

Also, she realised early that she had to do the inner work to achieve her vision. Above all, the journey has been one of continuous development. Equally important, being honest and transparent allowed her to let go of “her baggage” that was holding her back.

Another key point, in 1995, she lost a massive amount of weight which boosted her confidence. Later going on to be classed as an influential spiritual leader. Above all, Winfrey has always listened to her inner voice, finding the answers she was seeking. With a clear vision and a strong belief, enabled her to achieve her dreams and vision.

So, what’s the point?

Important to realise that self-development is a most powerful tool. Looking within, feeling your fears and doubts. As a result, understanding what is possible then launching into them as your doubts and fears fade and your self-belief increases.

Metaphorically when the body and mind collide! A period emerges that calls for an internal re-focus and re-set. A time when you get to choose, to break down the barriers. Discarding the fears, you carry and picking up opportunities, change, and growth. An exciting new world!

Where to start: –

  1. See the vision you want and bring it to life
  2. Make small incremental changes every day
  3. Eat well and drink clean water, exercise often and have fun

Acknowledge that the collision has occurred. Start making changes, remember slow and steady wins the race. Having fun is the transporter of change, so jump on board and enjoy the ride.

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