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Countdown to Corporate Burnout Webinar!

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with Joan McEwan

Don't miss this 90 minute Webinar where you will discover the 3 secrets to go from Corporate Burnout to Wellness 

Don’t Miss This 90 Minute Corporate Burnout to Wellness Webinar Where You’ll Discover the 3 Secrets to Heal from Burnout and Strengthen Your Business and Career in 2023 Using Joan's Specific Strategies to Align you to Your Wellness Blueprint!

The Secret to Escaping Corporate Burnout and Living a Healthy, Happy and Abundant Life is knowing HOW!





Thursday 13 April at 6pm (AEST)



Why you should attend this Webinar?

One in 5 people will suffer from a stress related health challenge in their lifetime

Overall 63% of employees experience burnout

67% of women report burnout

59% of men report burnout

Forty-six per cent of Australian employees have admitted that they are feeling burnt out, according to the latest ELMO Employee Sentiment Index, as workers start to feel less secure about the economy.

40% of workers believe burnout is an inevitable part of success.

Research suggests that a new paradigm of leadership is required to address and reduce this issue of burnout. To be more humanistic! To acknowledge human limitations.

The World Health Organisation recognise “burn out” as an occupational phenomenon!

However they do not classify it as a medical condition!

They refer to it as a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been properly managed..

Research shows a strong correlation between exhaustion and loneliness:-

– 50% of people claim they are often exhausted due to work
– This is a 32% increase from 20 years ago
– The more exhausted people are the more lonelier they feel
– Attributing this loneliness to emotional exhaustion leading to burnout.

With over 20 years of clinical experience and 15 years in corporate leadership, it has always been Joan's mission to make a difference and create change. 

Let her take you on a bit of a journey to how she has become known as a Transformational Health and Wellness Expert guiding people to revamp their health and put the spark back in their life and business!


Hi I'm Joan McEwan

Starting my career as a Registered Nurse (Bachelor of Health Science with a Postgraduate in Mental Health), I have worked in intensive care, surgical neurology, casualty, and mental health in hospitals throughout Scotland and Australia, as well as the Royal Flying Doctors.  

I feel grateful to have had these opportunities that now support me in the work I do supporting Corporate Executives go from Corporate Burnout to Wellness.

I found myself being called to integrate other modalities into my scope of practice such as a Diploma of Naturopathy, Reiki Master attainment and a Diploma in Business Management.  Coupled with my high intuitive abilities, I realised that I could work with people’s energies on a mental, physical and emotional level to reenergise them to increase their energy and see life with clarity and purpose.

I realised that I was feeling a little bit too comfortable and knew that I was being called to make a difference in other industries, particularly the resources sector (and male dominated environments), where I went on to work in leadership positions for BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto Alcan, Anglo American, Arrow Energy, and QGC.

Working for global corporations as Head of Health, I was responsible for leading large teams, developing entire functions of health models and assets, and managing budgets in excess of $20million dollars to provide transformative results, both personally and professionally.

Throughout all of this, like many women, I was trying to precariously balance motherhood on my own with my two children.  I was also trying to help my daughter transition into adulthood, nurse my Mother until she passed, and I then found myself responsible for my ailing Father who required high care. I know what it is like to wear the many hats of being female and have a high level of empathy and care with those who may be experiencing the overwhelm and exhaustion of juggling all of this.

Working for global resource giants was an impactful and life changing experience, particularly being able to help women in such a male dominated industry. I am aware of (and have experienced first-hand) the bullying and burnout that women face, and I became restless in wanting to release the organisational constraints so that I could help in a truly transformative and holistic way.

Accepting Burnout and pushing through it is NOT ok or sustainable!

This is what prompted me to create my legacy by starting my own transformational health and wellness practice. I help guide Corporate Leaders to do business differently, getting the job done all whilst having fun, clarity, vitality, a lifestyle balance and freedom!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Realise that without your health you have nothing

  • Learn how to start to heal and transform by prioritising your health & wellbeing

  • Gain clarity on where you are at as you release the brain fog

  • Discover the 3 secrets on the journey from Corporate Burnout to Wellness

  • Gain tools to help you transform and improve your health and wellbeing

  • Learn why it is important to listen to your inner voice and trust yourself.

  • Why aligning to your Wellness Blueprint is critical for good health and success

By the end of this Webinar?

By the end of this POWERFUL and TRANSFORMATIVE Webinar you will realise that you can leave CORPORATE BURNOUT behind you and claim Wellness as you prioritise health and wellness.

Let me reveal to you the 3 secrets to begin the transformation from Corporate Burnout to Wellness!

To release your old patterns and programming as you gain clarity with increased energy and vitality. Prioritising YOU, your health and wellbeing.

Who is this webinar for?

The Corporate Leader who is burntout and ready to prioritise themself NOW!

The female executive who is ready to do the inner work to create more time, energy and clarity in their life?

The Corporate leader ready to be mentored in the next chapter of their life to experience fun, freedom and health

The Business Leader who is ready to do buisness differently by letting go of old ways of thinking and embrace the new paradigm of leadership!

The Corporate Leader who feels tired and exhausted all the time!

The Professional Woman who has lost her direction and needs to find some clarity to gain a healthy balance with increased energy and vitality?

Now is the perfect time to go from Corporate Burnout to Wellness!

Dont make the mistake of thinking that you can do this on your own using outdated strategies! You will end up wasting too much of your valuable time and depleting more of your energy!

The rules of managing burnout have changed and you must be open to new ways of re-inventing and reenergising yourself if you want to be successful, healthy and happy!

Come and spend 90 minutes with me on my online Webinar and let me guide you to a strategy that can be powerful to re-energise as you say NO to Burnout! 

The Secret to Escaping Corporate Burnout and Living a Healthy, Happy and Abundant Life is knowing HOW!

Here's what others have said about Joan's past events!




What some have said:

I have been working with Joan to support me in levelling up my health and wellbeing. Being a female business owner, speaking, traveling, running workshops and coaching easily depletes energy stores quickly so I really wanted to work with someone who understands the type of business I was running, the pressure of high performance and who understands me.

We have just started and I am already noticing a shift in my energy and focus. I'm pleasantly surprised that I have got through my first week of no sugar and caffeine! Her holistic and balanced approach has also helped me to identify some areas in my business that I want to "show up" more in and put strategies in place to have the energy do that.

I'm so grateful to have her in my corner and can highly recommend her to other business owners, leaders and especially women trying to juggle it all! 

Jane Anderson

Jessica Ritchie, a Brand Expert and busy mother of two said, “As a business owner who specialises in helping women form their identity through branding and marketing, I have a critical eye and attention to detail in finding the right person who I think is the right ‘fit’ and that can help me. I found Joan ticked all my boxes through her high credentials, experiences, and qualifications. I didn’t want a ‘fly by night’ kind of person, I wanted the real deal. One of Joan’s’ superpowers is being able to channel a person’s energy and kindly yet firmly create a plan that propels you to becoming your best, highly intuitive self. To live in flow and step into your personal power with a tailored plan to unlock your unique code is pure gold. Thank you, Joan!”

Jessica Ritchie

Recently I had a session with Joan about the importance of maintaining my energy levels when working closely with clients. I really appreciated Joan’s insights - particularly the ones related to the weight of food (I had no idea this would impact on my energy - but yes it does!). We talked about developing new ways to express myself going forward into 2020 & ways to enhance my capacity to strongly step forward. Joan’s guidance was amazing & so very much appreciated! So if you are looking for insight, powerful commentary in amongst passionate support, Joan is who you need to talk to!

Kathy Rees
Quality Auditing Expert

Joan is a strong advocate for the importance of health and wellbeing in the workplace and a leader in establishing the systems and processes, and providing the services, of an effective corporate health function.

I received great feedback from my team on the support Joan provided at QGC, particularly in the areas of ergonomics, resilience during a time of great change and managing stress.

Tracey Winters
Head of Government & Public Affairs at Santos

“Joan is an effective strategic thinker and leader. She provided the vision for the health and well being function in QGC, developing, implementing and embedding a cost effective health function. She is effective in managing costs, budgets and delivering projects on time. She developed and implemented a compliance framework and ensuring action plans were closed out. She demonstrated strong support for cultural change that were reflected in her programs of work.”

Stephanie Taylor
Themis Consulting Group

"Joan and I recently connected and instantly felt a connection to our purpose, our service and our why. Joan is clearly a woman with experience and gravitas having worked across a range of industries and backgrounds. In her quest to continually grow herself and support others in creating healthier and happier workplaces she has taken a new path and started her business practice helping women and high performing entrepreneurs to flourish by connecting on an emotional and physical level."

Heidi Alexandra Pollard
UQ Power

Joan is an authentic and passionate presenter, warm and generous in sharing her knowledge.

Yvonne Flanders
NMAS Mediator

Joan was the featured speaker at my Rotary Club recently at my invitation. I am so glad she took the opportunity as Joan is a purposeful and enlightened speaker. Her story kept the audience rapt, and there were quite a few questions at the end where Joan expanded on her subject. I would thoroughly recommend Joan as a speaker at your next event!

Judi Reid
Business Success Enabler For Leaders

Joan is an insightful and purposeful coach. Her book ‘Show Up’ is a well written encouragement for female leaders to create a more inclusive workplace and lead with their heart and minds. It provides you with relevant research, practical points and a holistic wellness approach to improve your own performance and life quality. I would recommend this book to any female leader who wants to be their best and lead by example!

Camilla Kelly
Vice President HR - ANZ at John Deere

I recently attended a one-day multi-speaker online masterclass "Managing Difficult Conversations In The Workplace". Joan McEwan's presentation stood out as engaging, relevant and educational. Joan's warmth, humour and energy shone through, even though she couldn't see the online audience, which is a sign of a true professional speaker.

Sue Lester
Executive Coach | Keynote Speaker

Countdown to Corporate Burnout Webinar - Learn the 3 Secrets!