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The Energetic Pillars of Health – Learn to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE a healthier YOU through ACTIVATING HEALTH ENERGETICS.

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♥ Get ready to tap into your health energetics

♥ Ready to release old patterns and beliefs around your health

♥ Develop a relationship with your body and mind that aligns to your soul purpose

If you have found your way here then you are ready to make the change that you know you need to make a positive impact in your life and others!

You are part of the group of female leaders and entrepreneurs who are the trailblazers of the new business paradigm where health is a core value. Creating an abundance of health is a gift to yourself and others that will support others to rise also. 

My passion is to help female entrepreneurs like you, connect to your health energtics as you align to your soul's path and achieve health, abundance and success!


During this 3-day mini-series you will:

·       Receive a health code activation to release blockages that you are ready to let go of.
·       Your body will start to release, surrender, and heal.
·       Gain a deeper understanding of how to energetically set your intentions and fuel your body for health.
·       Build your intuitive muscle to create and manifest a health body, mind, and life.
·       Gain joy, freedom, clarity, and increased energy as you surrender to the resistance that you have been holding onto.
·       Experience what it feels like to Integrate your body, lighten your energy, and start to release old patterns to improve your health and build a healthy foundation

Start to align to your soul’s blueprint bringing clarity and healing!

Joan's career in health has spanned over 20 years in public and private health care sectors, Occupational health in the mining and oil and gas industry and complimentary / natural medicine.

Joan is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs to build happy, healthy, successful lives for today’s fast paced ever changing world by focusing on building a healthy foundation.

She is a successful, experienced, intuitive business leader who is obsessed about helping female leaders and entrepreneurs reach their full potential in life and business through applying health energetics.

Joan runs a successful practice that focuses on aligning the emotional and physical levels of the body to address confusion and fear to obtain clarity, balance and simplicity to align to their soul's path..

Joan is an inspirational forward thinking, adaptable and passionate leader and mentor within the health sector with 20+ years experience, working in both the public and private sectors including the mining and oil and gas sectors.

She now operates her soul led business combining health energetics with practical strategies to lead female leaders and entrepreneurs to a new paradigm of business through health energetics.

Joan is passionate about mentoring female leaders and entrepreneurs to Show Up! during times of change, harnessing their passion and committment to heal and achieve mastery through health energetics.