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Seize the challenge and find happiness!

Seize the challenge and find happiness!

Reaching the point in your life where your career no longer satisfies you? Lacking motivation, feeling exhausted all the time. Fearful about moving from your comfort zone into the unknown. Time to seize the challenge and find happiness.

Disruption in our world continues and we find that fear runs in parallel with this energy. Chaos ensues as we become distracted and filled with self-doubt. However, when we flip our emotions and begin to feel positive about the chaos and “lean in” our perspective changes. Instantly our thoughts shift from negative to positive. This pushes us to look through a different lens, and in turn increases our body vibration, momentum and vitality.

So, what are the benefits of this I hear you ask? It is a bit like when you leave the safety of the beach and jump into the ocean. You either sink or swim, the choice is yours. Before deciding to jump into the ocean you have learned to swim. If you can swim the choice is easy you just start swimming to your point of reference, alternatively if you can’t swim then it is unlikely you will get to where you had planned to go.

To change direction in your life is exciting but can be challenging and scary. However, having a plan to support your existing tools, knowledge, and skills helps you chart your new course, heading in your new direction. A plan helps to reduce your fear whist your motivation and energy are amplified. Self-doubt dissipates.

I was working with Mary; a client of mine and she was telling me that she just felt “stagnant”. She had been working in a senior leadership position for several years and could perform her role without even thinking about it. It was like she was in “automatic”. She had lost the joy, excitement, and sense of accomplishment that her role used to bring her. Adding to those feelings, she was beginning to go through menopause which as we all know, brings its own unique challenges.

Mary wasn’t sure what was going on but as her uneasiness increased, she felt empty, lacked joy, fun and happiness in her life. She was moody, anxious, and struggling to sleep well. In addition to these changes that were happening in her body she knew something had to change. But she had no plan. She did not know where to start!

“You can’t go back and change the beginning,


you can start where you are


change the ending”.

C.S Lewis

This was exactly what Mary did. As we worked together, we started on looking at her identity. Where she was currently at and where she wanted to go. We drilled down deep, peeling away layer after layer, getting to her essence, her “why”. Exploring her point of difference, her uniqueness. This was the start of her plan, understanding who she was, her beliefs, values and what her purpose was. She acknowledged that she needed to address her body, mind and soul and integrate and bring them into balance to achieve her goals.

Author Dr Joe Dispenza teaches and demonstrates that the way you think has some effect on your life. He goes on to say that most people do not believe that this is true. Neuroscience now shows that when we change our story it can change our life. By changing our routine and gaining new information helps to change the circuits in the brain. In effect when Mary unpacked her “why” and developed her plan she re-wrote her story for the next chapter of her life, changing her neural pathways to allow change to come into her life.

Did you know that:

  • 5% of your conscious mind begins to work against 95% of what you have memorised
  • As a result of this we need to recondition the body to a new mind
  • The universal energy field responds to a combination of the way you are feeling and thinking
  • Instead of waiting until you experience, trauma, loss or disease before you change, change now
  • Remember like attracts like

Creating Marys plan gave her a “lightbulb” moment, she could now see that her diet although it was relatively good, it lacked some key nutrients to support her energy levels as well as not supporting the hormonal changes she was experiencing. Also, by changing her current way of thinking and habits where she had been fearful about change allowed her to create a shift in her mind and in her thinking. Understanding how the body and mind are interconnected makes it easier to implement strategies to effectively work on different elements in the body.

Taking a holistic approach in life, career and health whilst combining all elements, provides clarity whilst increasing energy and possibilities. Perhaps it is time for you to seize the challenge and trust. Open up your mind to new opportunities and make the change that your body is shouting out for.

When we understand that everything, we need lies within us, we just need to work out a strategy on how to unlock these elements to develop a strong foundation and launch forward on the journey of transformation into the next chapter of life.

Let me know if you would like to chat about how you can refocus on the next step on your journey where you light up from the inside out? Build your wellness toolkit as you gain an understanding of how energy medicine can solidify your health foundation and future success.