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Practice Non Attachment today!

Practice Non Attachment Today!

This morning while I was at my regular hot yoga class my instructor reminded us that one of the reasons we practice yoga is to practice non attachment. He stated that by practising in a different spot each class would allow us to view ourselves from a different perspective. In turn this would create ease and flow, fluidity and flexibility of both mind and body.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

This may sound like a simple thing to do but in reality it often causes us to feel very uncomfortable by taking us out of our comfort zone. When we look deeper quite often we see areas of our life that we may not be ready to address. This is where the challenge lies and depending on how committed we are to expedite our personal growth depends on our end result.

Working on parallel levels!

There is also a parallel here! When we increase our flexibility of mind and body it encourages us to declutter our mind and environment. The less clutter we have in our lives gives us space to explore further and experience the simple things in life.

Another practice is to become minimalistic, this allows us to live simply and treasuring the basics that we need. We are born into this life with nothing and when we die we leave this world with nothing. Often we gather material wealth to help us feel secure, worthy, deserving or even safe. This also ties in with where our ego is at.

Practice Non Attachment

Download my free ebook to start to build your foundation and lighten your body and mind.  After this try to declutter your mind, body and home. Make small changes to your daily routine. Now monitor how you feel, and measure any changes that you notice and leave your comments on my blog