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Our Perceptions Can Hold Us Back!

Our Perceptions are the “Unseen Barriers”!

How do we know when our perceptions are being detrimental to our growth? Our Perceptions can hold us back if we do not recognise them and look to align them to our values. Consider identifying your perceptions and align them to your values, this will let you identify areas you can improve on.

Recently I read an article in the Harvard Business Review . It talked about the unseen barriers to women rising in the corporate world. I identified “unseen barriers” as our perceptions.

In summary, they talked about it being all good and well to set aspirational goals for women in leadership roles! Develop training and mentoring programs to support them however management are frustrated at the lack of results gained from these programs. The question still remains how can perceptions be changed?

Perceptions can create confusion!

Becoming a leader involves more than obtaining a leadership role and acquiring more skills. Being a leader involves a shift in your identity which involves changing your perceptions. I related this to a recent situation when a friend invited me to join her at a Spiritual church event.

Initially I was hesitant. My perception was that it “wasn’t “my cup of tea”. Trying to find any excuse not to go, then I reminded myself of my commitment to myself this year! This year I have committed to trying new experiences to expanding my knowledge, mindset and life in general.

Experiences can change Perceptions

I was met with friendly, open and accepting people at the spiritual church, despite not knowing any of them they welcomed me. The event was full of interesting people, discussions and activities. As a thought leader it certainly allowed me to expand my thinking around the topics discussed.
Key observations from that evening were that no matter how different we think we are from others or how we perceive others to be we are all similar. We are all looking for ways to improve our life, health and wellbeing whether it be on a physical, emotional or mental level. That night my perception of these people changed and almost immediately I felt a shift in my thinking. 

Align personal values to your Perceptions

I believe these are the fundamental building blocks to build a successful and fulfilled life. You need to understand yourself and your values. Imperative that you respect yourself and others before you can truely be successful and fulfilled.

When you understand your own values, this can prevent your perceptions being distorted and being detrimental to your growth.. Learn more about how to create a change in your perceptions to Show Up and Lead through times of change.