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Are you ready to become the MASTER MANIFESTER of your DREAMS & DESIRES and ALIGN to your SOULS PATH & PURPOSE?


Do you lack time, energy and clarity to get on with your life’s purpose?

Is your poor health holding you back?

You know that you need to make some change and prioritise you before you fall off the “bandwagon”

If you were to be honest with yourself, do you self-sabotage your efforts? 

You know that you are here to make a difference but lack the confidence to take the next step?

Do you wonder what it would be like if you could manifest your desires?

You know that you are ready to take the next step in your life and career but need some guidance?


16 - 21 May 2023KINGSCLIFF, NSW6 Days5 Nights
16 - 21 June 2023MELBOURNE6 Days5 Nights
12 - 17 October 2023QUEENSLAND6 Days5 Nights

If the sound of this "MANIFEST" WELLNESS RETREAT is resonating with you, I would love to invite you to join me and a select group of like-minded female entreupreneurs to join me at one of my Retreats!

Joan is passionate about mentoring people to help them ALIGN to their ENERGETIC BLUEPRINT and be their HAPPY, FUN, ABUNDANT -SELF with increased CLARITY, ENERGY and VITALITY as they learn to become a MASTER MANIFESTER!

 Joan's gift is having the ability to help people heal and transform as they ALIGN to their purpose work as they become a MASTER MANIFESTER.

Joan is a bit like a key where she helps unlock and activate your unique ancient codes in your very own AKASHIC RECORDS (working in the quantum realm accessing the wisdom of your soul) to align to your unique energetic blueprint to create FUN, FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE!

She is your powerful guide to take you there!

In just 6 days you will:

♦ Discover your own personal power to "MANIFEST" through prioritising your health and wellness.

♦ Learn how to manifest your dreams and desires to find clarity, to align your body and mind with increased energy and vitality?

♦ Gain clarity as you increase your awareness and amplify your vision

♦ Align to your values

♦ Align to your souls blueprint and receive intuitive guidance as you activate your wisdom codes

♦ Connect with your wise higher self and align to your purpose and highest timeline

♦ Receive energy healing, activations and clearings all done in your AKASHIC RECORDS

♦ Release old beliefs and patterns that no longer align to who you are now

♦ Activate your health, business and abundance blueprints

♦ Learn how to access your own Akashic Records where you can access the wisdom of your soul

♦ Learn Usui Reiki 1 Training and receive the Level 1 Usui Reiki Attunement - Presented with the Level 1 Usui Reiki Certificate

♦ Develop your toolbox to become the MASTER MANIFESTER

YOU will leave this POWERFUL retreat being a MASTER MANIFESTER! You will have a clear plan to create your DESIRES through CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and INCREASED VIBRANT VITALITY as you collapse TIMELINES and become aligned to your soul's purpose!

You will REVAMP your HEALTH and bring the SPARK back into your BUSINESS



Plus, if you Apply NOW and You’re Accepted to be part of this IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE, You’ll Receive $20,292 worth of value PLUS 3 additional bonuses Absolutely FREE!

BONUS 1: Access to Joan's 5 Day Healing Intensive on-line Masterclass (Value $2222)

BONUS 2: Guided journey into your Akashic Records and specific journal questions to ask your guides (Value $555)

BONUS 3: Month by Month Intuitive Guidance for 2024 (Value $555)



TOTAL VALUE - $23,624


Low Res Profile

Why you should attend this "MANIFEST" WELLNESS RETREAT

Hi, I'm Joan McEwan and I want to welcome you to my inagural "MANIFEST" WELLNESS RETREAT!

I have been hosting Wellness Retreats since 2019 where we create an immersive, nurturing and educational experience for our guests.

For those that dont know me I'm know as the Health and Wellness guru with a strong background in health from a Registered Nurse, Naturopath, Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner to an Executive Corporate Leader in the Oil & Gas Industry.

I am know for taking the "woohoo" out of holistic principles and helping you grow into your best self and aligned business. We gift you with a magical experience where you let go of thoughts, beliefs and patterns that no longer serving you and create space to align to your highest potential and infinite possibilities.

I am best known for supporting professional women revamp their health and put the spark back in their business.

Are you ready to take a QUANTUM LEAP and leave your legacy by creating an impact?


This IS for you if:

  • You are ready to make changes in your life and career
  • You are ready to take self responsibility, make yourself a priority and do the inner work
  • You are ready to prioritise your health and wellbeing and begin your healing journey
  • You are ready to receive energetic healing and activations access your unique codes to improve your life! 
  • You are ready to make a difference in your life, your world and the planet!
  • You have an important message to share with the world!
  • You are ready to become a MASTER MANIFESTER

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are NOT prepared to do the work
  • You are NOT ready to shift your energy and your mindset
  • You are NOT ready to improve your health & wellness
  • You are NOT ready to step put of your comfort zone and accelerate your growth on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level
  • You are NOT ready to get COMFORTABLE with being UNCOMFORTABLE



♦ 5 nights at a 5 star resort

5 days breakfast, morning tea and lunch 

Welcome drinks, departure celebratory cocktail event and venues

Full colour workbook

Reiki 1 manual, certificate , channeled healings by Reiki Master Joan

Vision board toolkit and materials

Vision board created in your Akashic Records and infused with Reiki symbolism to activate your intentions in real time 

Evening sessions of group energy healings and guidance in your Akashic Records with Joan

Paint & Sip Art Class

Group Naturopathic Session

Personally chosen crystals for your 21 day Reiki cleanse & infused by Joan

Daily 5 minute frequency tune up with Joan's guides

Copy of Joan's book, ShowUP

Post retreat Masterclass (on-line)

VIP Membership to all future events

Access to Private FB Group

Special Guest Speaker

5 Day Healing Intensive on-line Masterclass (Bonus)

Guided journey into your Akashic Records with specific journal questions to ask your guides (Bonus PDF)

Month by Month Intuitive Guidance for 2024 (Bonus)


What some clients have said!

Jessica Ritchie, a Brand Expert and busy mother of two said, “As a business owner who specialises in helping women form their identity through branding and marketing, I have a critical eye and attention to detail in finding the right person who I think is the right ‘fit’ and that can help me. I found Joan ticked all my boxes through her high credentials, experiences, and qualifications. I didn’t want a ‘fly by night’ kind of person, I wanted the real deal. One of Joan’s’ superpowers is being able to channel a person’s energy and kindly yet firmly create a plan that propels you to becoming your best, highly intuitive self. To live in flow and step into your personal power with a tailored plan to unlock your unique code is pure gold. Thank you, Joan!”

Jessica Ritchie

I attended Joan’s “Heal in Noosa Retreat” in early June 2021. I can thoroughly recommend this transformational program to anyone looking to take time out and selfheal: mind, body, and spirit! After 3 decades of a gruelling, faced pace, long hours professional career, I knew I needed to step away from the rat race and simplify my life. This retreat was EXACTLY what I needed, and the set framework provided me with many things including a wellness toolkit that I can refer to as I need it. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend to all to invest in themselves, like I did. Joan is a highly respected and experienced transformational health and wellness expect, with values and beliefs that I aligned with. At the end of the retreat not only did I walk away with my own personalised vision board and 90-day plan, but I looked and felt a million times better 😊

Michelle Lawson
Director | Top 100 Globally Inspiring Women in Mining