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Intuitive Executives in the Resources Sector!

More than ever intuitive executives in the resources sector are gaining trust? The resources sector is an incredibly fast paced, reactive environment. In addition, to survive, make changes and grow requires an open and agile mindset. Intuition is an effective tool to support this growth.

The 2018 Global CEO Outlook Growing Pains study by KPMG states that:-
– 67% of CEO’s say that they have overlooked data analytics because it contradicted their own experience or intuition
– 51% of CEO’s are skeptical about the accuracy of predictive analytics
– CEO’s are challenging the validity of the data and whether it can be trusted

The amount of data and information that is currently available is enormous! It continues to increase. It’s like suffocating in an avalanche of information. Easy to be consumed and overwhelmed by it all.

Intuition creates Efficiencies

Making effective decisions requires space and time. Our time poor environment, has catapulted CEO’s to listen to their intuition. Intuitive executives in the resources sector are able to make decisions quicker by trusting their “gut feeling”. They just know what they know. It is a feeling!

Furthermore, Kahlil Gibran, famous author of the Prophet. He believed “when you reach the end of what you should know. You will be at the beginning of what you should sense”.

Intuition + Courage = Trust

Therefore, CEO’s need to be courageous. In other words, trusting their intuition allows them to make sound business decisions. Trusting your intuition becomes part of your brand. Your team can identify. A recent study in live science suggests that using your intuition can play a real part in decision making.


Intuition is referred to as a brain process. Allows people to have the ability to make decisions without analytic reasoning. Decisions can be made faster. More accurately and with more confidence. Military studies show that Intuition happens rapidly and unconsciously. Information can be absorbed without being aware of the learning process.

Above all, we refer to intuition as our “gut feelings”. Our gut is likened to our “2nd brain”. Listening to your gut is the major key to reaching your mastery. 

Studies show: –

  1. Brain studies show that using our “gut feelings” can be more rational than we realise
  2. Emotions can be important as our brain processes these experiences over time. Aiding our intuition to be more accurate
  3. Intuitive thinking is fast and unconscious. Analytical thinking is slow and logical
  4. It may be beneficial to use our intuition when quick decisions are needed.

Intuition are key to your Mastery?

In conclusion, Leadership is changing and trust is a major component of success. Teams are looking for trust from their leaders. Focusing more on softer skills such as intuition. This creates leverage to make quicker more accurate decisions. This will foster a more collaborative workforce.

Author Jane Andersons latest book Trusted . She identifies the importance of authentic leadership and building trust for CEO’s. She goes on to say that disruption will be a constant challenge for organisations over the next 10 – 15 years.

As a result, CEO’s will focus more on building trust in their organisations. Further more, using intuition is a key to this success.  Trust is the secret weapon!

Some key skills required for the CEO to establish trust: –

  • Have an open mind
  • Be outward focused
  • Build your community
  • Lead your tribe and community by “being real”
  • Using intuition to connect emotionally

Would love to know what you do to engage with your intuition over listening to data for your organisation? How do you encourage your team to act on their intuition?


Joan is a high performance coach in leadership, health and wellbeing. She runs intensive mentoring programs and workshops for leaders to “Show Up” . Contact Joan at [email protected] for more information of her mentoring and workshop programs or invite her to speak at your next event.

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