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How is mediocre working for you?

How is mediocre working for you?

We are here in this life to be extraordinary humans, so why is it that many of us feel mediocre? Maybe it is partly due to feeling exhausted, self-sabotaging ourself, have a limiting belief system and being fearful of being judged or doubting our own abilities. So, if you can relate, how Is mediocre working for you?

The late Scottish philanthropic Andrew Carnegie said, “people who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents”.

Being in a state of exhaustion, fear and self-doubt will certainly limit the ability to be motivated and driven to pursue dreams and opportunities. Let go of mediocre and step into extraordinary by creating change.

I have just started watching a Netflix series called “Startup” and it reminded me of the pitfalls of being mediocre. You see the series is about two budding entrepreneurs who were struggling to get any openings to launch their new venture. However, they didn’t want to be mediocre, they had a vision, a plan to be extraordinary. Their path was not plain sailing. They were forced to look at opportunities that were out of their comfort zone to achieve their dreams. It involved getting into business with a corrupt FBI agent and a gang member.

The entrepreneurs, although highly educated and skilled in their craft had been struggling to share their genius with the world. Up to this point, life had just been difficult and mediocre. They struggled to get the motivation to see different options. That was until they met up with a gang member who encouraged them to change their messaging around how they viewed their venture.

Although their entrepreneurial journey was not smooth sailing or instant, this shift in mindset and messaging allowed them to shift gear. They became more motivated, driven, and excited about the opportunities that lay ahead. After they thought about why this venture was important to them, it gave them inspiration to push forward despite the barriers that they faced. Adding to the fact that they were confident that their product was a “game changer”.

Despite their difficulties and challenges, they no longer felt mediocre. So, how do you move from being mediocre to being extraordinary?

Quite often the first step is gaining awareness of your current situation. Clearly understanding your values and beliefs. Understanding where you are at and what is keeping you stuck in mediocre. Start to listen to the excuses you are making. Often someone on the outside can see the issue clearly and provide a different perspective. Enabling some clarity to emerge.

The next step is understanding what your “WHY” is, your purpose. What is that you do that lights you up? Then reflect and ask yourself what is keeping you stuck in mediocre? Has your job, career, life become comfortable? Is it an easy path? Is it that you are fearful of change? Scared that to make any changes would risk you loosing security or potentially be financially impacted?

Thirdly, consider the impact that being mediocre is having on you? Has your behaviour changed? Do friends comment on how you have lost your “spark”, not as much fun to be around? Have you become the “glass half empty” person? Always negative and struggle to see the positive in any situation. Science tells us that sitting with these lower vibrational emotions and feelings predisposes the body to dis-ease and dis-comfort. Then the body gets out of alignment and mediocre and unhappiness set in.

During October consider this:

  1. Trust the journey you are on and let go of what is holding you back
  2. Set your intentions with the new moon this week and take a leap of faith with your intuition, this month is providing opportunities for rapid expansion
  3. Bring more fun and play into your life as you step up and be the guiding light

Look forward to hearing your thoughts?