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Lead Through Times of Change

Coaching for Leaders in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne


Strengthen Mind, Body and Spirit
Amplify Energy and Improve Mental and Physical Health!

Boost Mental Health Model

Boost Your Mental Health!

How you can boost your Mental Health :-

Survive this COVID-19 Pandemic .

Build skills and techniques that create an integrated body and mind with robust Mental Health capabilities.

Go from feeling exhausted to feeling grounded, productive, joyous and energised!

Ready to ride out this pandemic and launch into a new way of life as the mentally robust trailblazer with your body and mind grounded. Providing clarity and an inner confidence that amplifies your energy.

Is This You?

⇒ Are you a high performing leader, who is ready to become comfortable with leading through times of extraordinary change?

⇒ Are you ready to be the new high performing leader in a world with continuous disruption?

⇒ Do you want to enhance your career and achieve your mastery by connecting and integrating your body and mind?

⇒ Are you struggling with your mental health during this COVID-19 Pandemic?

⇒ Are you ready and willing to boost your mental health and set yourself up with tools to launch into our "new world" once the pandemic is over? 

⇒ Do you want to build your confidence and strengthen your mental and physical health to be the trailblazer in our "new world"?

⇒ Do you want to feel more energised, courageous and connected to yourself and others with increased performance and vitality?

⇒ Have become so time poor that your mind is too busy to be creative and innovative any more?

Now is the Perfect Time to Boost Your Mental and Physical Health!

More than ever before now is the time to boost your mental health and become the trailblazer who leads through these challenging times of COVID-19. By gaining insights to strengthen mental and physical health to advance life and positioning to launch into the "New World" when the pandemic is over!

Declutter your mind:

  • Is your mind so busy you have constant chatter in your head?

  • Want to create a space to "think"?
  • Scared of what you are feeling?
  • Struggling to stay in control?

Nurture your body:

  • Needing to gain clarity, energy and direction?
  • Stop feeling exhausted and create a lightness in your body?
  • Understand where your anxiety and sadness is coming from?

When your Mental health needs a boost:

  • Needing help but dont know where to turn?
  • Feeling "lost", no purpose and no direction?
  • Feeling exhausted?
  • Lost the joy in life?

Can You Relate?

You feel fearful all the time and worrying about how you are going to survive this self isolation!

You are in home isolation with your family and you have no space, your life is noisy, chaotic and confined?

You want to run away and have some time just for you but you cant - you feel trapped.

You are starting to have negative thoughts that you want to withdraw from society. Your appetite and sleep patterns are starting to be affected!

Did You Know?

20% of Australians aged between 16 – 85 year’s experience a mental illness in any year (approximately 4 million people)

⇒ The most common mental disorders are depression, anxiety and substance abuse disorders

⇒ Almost 45% of Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime

⇒ At least 6 Australians die from suicide every day and a further 30 people will attempt to take their own life

⇒ Suicide is the leading cause of death for of death for Australians aged 25 – 44 years

⇒ Men are at greater of suicide but least likely to seek help

⇒ 1:7 Australians will experience depression in their lifetime

⇒ WHO estimates that depression will be the number one health concern by 2030

⇒ 15% of adults aged over 60 years and over suffer from a mental disorder


I’ve noticed things change when you have a coach who understands your world and your challenges and is equipped to help!

I have over 20 years experience, knowledge and qualifications that equip me to support you. As your coach I will help you to stay accountable and provide a "safe place" for you to develop and heal as I understand the challenges you are facing. I’m all about revealing your true potential to amplify your energy by integrating your body and mind connection!

Working with me is a bit like finding your "missing link" allowing a holistic connection. Preparing for our "New World" after COVID-19 with a robust mental and physical foundation. A solid plan!

You have got this...

Boost Your Health Now - Coaching Program is ideal if you are:-

⇒ Ready to Boost Your Mental Health Now and develop a clear plan for when COVID-19 is over

⇒ Ready to be committed to do the work to amplify your energy and mental and physical health

⇒Prepared to be the trailblazer who will help others to grow and strengthen their mental health

⇒ Determined to boost mental and physical health


Sign up now for this amazing opportunity! Time to step forward and boost your mental and physical health and build your foundation. Make a difference in your life and others...

By the end of the "Boost Your Mental Health" Coaching Program you will:

  • Learn how to identify your triggers that heighten your emotions to gain some control
  • Understand how to prevent burnout and elevate your mood
  • Discover the 3 steps to develop a robust foundation and boost your mental health
  • Identify ways to integrate your body, mind and spirit to build your energy and vibration
  • Explore and develop nutrition that can boost your mental health
  • Explore your emotional and physical capacity and create balance for things that matter to you in your life now
  • Develop a dynamic plan to prepare you to launch into our "New World" after COVID-19
  • Unleash your hidden strength by creating new boundaries
Boost Your Mental Health

How the Program Works ?

  • One day facilitated "Boost Your Mental Health" Workshop
  • Strategic Planning Session In this session, Joan will work with you to help you design your 90 day plan
  • Coaching Sessions These are designed to address challenging issues and review them on a physical and emotional level
  • Copy of Joan's Book "Show UP"
  • Inspirational emails for 21 days
  • On line Webcast (only for Gold Program)
  • SOS phone and email support (only for Gold program)
Corporate Program

Boost Your Mental Health!

Webinar with...

Your Host: Joan McEwan: High Performance Expert | Health and Wellbeing | Leadership | Mentor |Coach

Joan's career in health has spanned over 20 years in public and private health care sectors, Occupational health in the mining and oil and gas industry and complimentary / natural medicine.

Her interest and speciality lies in Mental Health and is passionate about helping her clients get mentally healthy and robust!

Joan reached her goal to be a senior executive in the corporate world (most recently as Head of Health with an international Oil and Gas Company) 

Joan has worked for organisations including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and QGC a BG Group developing and implementing sustainable health functions.

Joan is an inspirational forward thinking, adaptable, intuitive and passionate leader and mentor within the health sector with 20+ years experience. She is a talented Reiki Master and psychic medium.

Joan is passionate about coaching her clients to become mentally healthy and robust during this COVID-19 Pandemic!

What some have said:

I have been working with Joan to support me in levelling up my health and wellbeing. Being a female business owner, speaking, traveling, running workshops and coaching easily depletes energy stores quickly so I really wanted to work with someone who understands the type of business I was running, the pressure of high performance and who understands me.

We have just started and I am already noticing a shift in my energy and focus. I'm pleasantly surprised that I have got through my first week of no sugar and caffeine! Her holistic and balanced approach has also helped me to identify some areas in my business that I want to "show up" more in and put strategies in place to have the energy do that.

I'm so grateful to have her in my corner and can highly recommend her to other business owners, leaders and especially women trying to juggle it all! 

Jane Anderson CSP

Recently I had a session with Joan about the importance of maintaining my energy levels when working closely with clients. I really appreciated Joan’s insights - particularly the ones related to the weight of food (I had no idea this would impact on my energy - but yes it does!). We talked about developing new ways to express myself going forward into 2020 & ways to enhance my capacity to strongly step forward. Joan’s guidance was amazing & so very much appreciated! So if you are looking for insight, powerful commentary in amongst passionate support, Joan is who you need to talk to!

Kath Rees - Quality Auditing Expert

Joan provides such a safe, nurturing, insightful environment. I appreciate her honesty, humour and kindness. I truly look forward to working with Joan now and into the future.

Jessica Ritchie - Director @ Jessica Ritchie

Joan is an effective strategic thinker and leader. She provided the vision for the health and well being function in QGC, developing, implementing and embedding a cost effective health function. She is effective in managing costs, budgets and delivering projects on time. She developed and implemented a compliance framework and ensuring action plans were closed out. She demonstrated strong support for cultural change that were reflected in her programs of work.

Stephanie Taylor - Director Themis

Joan was the featured speaker at my Rotary Club recently at my invitation. I am so glad she took the opportunity as Joan is a purposeful and enlightened speaker. Her story kept the audience rapt, and there were quite a few questions at the end where Joan expanded on her subject. I would thoroughly recommend Joan as a speaker at your next event!

Judi Reid - Business Success Enabler for Leaders

Joan is an insightful and purposeful coach. Her book ‘Show Up’ is a well written encouragement for female leaders to create a more inclusive workplace and lead with their heart and minds. It provides you with relevant research, practical points and a holistic wellness approach to improve your own performance and life quality. I would recommend this book to any female leader who wants to be their best and lead by example!

Camilla Kelly - Vice President HR - ANZ at John Deere

Joan rapidly established herself within the workplace as a technical expert. Joan’s work spanned planning, contractor and contract management, strategic and operational risk oversight and assurance functions. She was also a key member of the crisis management and business continuity teams. In a climate of intense scrutiny, by transforming the health performance, Joan helped the business retain its social licence to operate. Her expertise is unquestionable and as a manager, she is a focused, unshakable and passionate leader".

Regina Gleeson - Department of Health