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CONFIRMATION - Week 5 Payment: Inspirational Female Leader 6 Week Coaching Program

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Confirmation that we have recieved Week 5 payment for the Inspirational Female Leader 6 Week Coaching Program with Joan McEwan.

Thank you so much for your second payment to continue your coaching program with Joan to complete your Inspirational Female Leader 6 Week Coaching Program. I am super excited to be working with you and helping you achieve your highest potential!

This will be one of the greatest experiences both personally and professionally for you.

Hope you are gaining inspiration from "Show UP' book . This is a useful tool to help you stay focused and assist in increasing your focus, clarity and develop your intuition as you grow.

So from here....

  • You will have your remaining sessions booked in with Joan
  • Let Joan know how you are going and how she may help you further
  • Joan would be very grateful if you could provide her with a testimonial on LinkedIn regarding your experience with your coaching program
  • If you know anyone in your network who would benefit from one of Joan's coaching program's please forward their details to Joan. You will receive a 10% referral fee once their full payment is received for their coaching program. This is Joan's way of saying thank you for your support.
If you have any concerns at any time just reach out to [email protected] or call 0437 383 734
Kind Regards,