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With over 20 years of clinical experience and 15 years in corporate leadership, it has always been my mission to make a difference and create change. I've found so many female leaders and business women have said:
- They are struggling to create a successful soul driven business and dont know how to make it work
- Feel "stuck" and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over
- Continue to doubt their own abilities of managing a successful business
- Living a life of "scarcity" - lack of money, joy, and relationships
- Do not trust that they will ever be successful or happy
- They feel lost and have a fear of failing in life and career
- Feel emotionally "numb" and disconnected with life
- Experiencing health issues such as weight gain, menopausal symptoms, anxiety and panic attacks

And I think it's time to change that.

So in this 4 Day Mastermind Webinar Series I will discuss the 5 Key levels on your journey to IGNITE & RISE for about 45 min:
DAY 1:
Overview of the 5 Key elements on your journey to Unlock your intuitive powers and gain clarity on your soul's path. Delving into the first 2 levels travelling from being MISALIGNED and STIFLED to MAGICAL and SPACIOUS

DAY 2:
Journey along the path of being MOTIVATED with a clear PRECISE focus and IGNITE the SPIRIT within you. Learn why your current vision is holding you back and ways to release this. Understanding how your SYSTEMS give you structure and take ownership of your journey.

DAY 3:
Today we will explore this level and feel the JOY as you find your PRIZE. Why your energy has become clearer and you are no longer being impacted by interference of other people's energy. Understand your MAGNETISM and how it affects you and others by taking SPIRITED ACTION which is effortless and feels good, boosting your confidence.

Today we have reached the 5th level of the journey. We will look at mastering the art of MINDFULNESS, to support you in stepping into your POWER as you MANIFEST SUCCESS. Why building a strong foundation supported with SYSTEMS and taking SPIRITED action is key. Practice, patience and consistency are the magic ingredients to elevate your energy. Your inner flame has been ignited and you are ready to RISE.

You will receive a guided meditation each day where you will access your Akashic records to clear energy blockages and heal, as you increase your intuitive powers as you align to your soul's path