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Joan looks forward to delivering your 60 minute Energy Reading, Clearing and Healing session in your Akashic Records with you via Zoom.

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"TRANSFORM" e-gift certificate conducted via ZOOM.


Now is the time to reclaim your health & wellness to create the success you deserve by looking within and balancing your body, mind and spirit.

Did you know?

Depression is now the primary mental health disorder. The World Health Organisation has declared stress the health epidemic of the 21st Century.

Joan's 60 minute Zoom Energy Reading, Clearing and Healing Session in your Akashic Records

You may experience:

  • Clarity as you release energy blockages
  • Releasing of recurring patterns that are holding you back
  • Clarity around the lessons of karmic and ancestral programming that no longer serve you 
  • Energy activations and healings
  • Access different timelines
  • More energy
  • Alignment to your energetic signature