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We have received your $77.00 payment for the 4 Day on-line Masterclass.(Valued at $497.00) 

Monday 11 April 2022 - Thursday 14 April 2022 - 10am - 11.30am (AEST)

Your will receive the Zoom link in your in-box shortly.

Joan Fb Profile

With over 20 years of clinical experience and 15 years in corporate leadership, it has always been my mission to make a difference and create change. I've found so many female leaders and business women have said:
- They are struggling to create a successful soul driven business and dont know how to make it work
- Feel "stuck" and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over
- Continue to doubt their own abilities of managing a successful business
- Living a life of "scarcity" - lack of money, joy, and relationships
- Do not trust that they will ever be successful or happy
- They feel lost and have a fear of failing in life and career
- Feel emotionally "numb" and disconnected with life
- Experiencing health issues such as weight gain, menopausal symptoms, anxiety and panic attacks

And I think it's time to change that.

You decide and claim your super power now!
4 DAY ON-LINE MASTERCLASS (1200 x 1200 px) (2)

So in this 4 Day Mastermind Series each day I will address 4 different topics for about 45 min then followed with a 45 minute collective energy reading:

DAY 1- Monday 11 April - 10am - 11.30am (AEST)

Gain a deeper understanding of the ROOT and SACRAL CHAKRAS. Learn physical and nutritional ways to support these energy centres. Receive a clearing activation of the Root and Sacral Chakras as you release pain and increase your JOY & FREEDOM.

DAY 2 - Tuesday 12 April - 10am - 11.30 am (AEST)

Learn about the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras and receive a clearing activation to UNBLOCK these energy centres and support alignment with the other energy centres. Letting go of old patterns and beliefs that have been creating stagnant energy. Trusting that you can move forward with ease and flow as your FEAR releases and your CONFIDENCE increases.

DAY 3 - Wednesday 13 April - 10am - 11.30 am (AEST)

EXPLORE the power of the THROAT and 3rd EYE CHAKRAS. Unravel the hidden magic when these centres are unblocked and in flow. ACCEPT that you deserve to speak your TRUTH in a way that is EMPOWERING and not DISEMPOWERING. You will receive a clearing activation of the heart and throat chakras to up-level your communication centres and INCREASE your ENERGY.

DAY 4 - Thursday 14 April - 10am - 11.30 am (AEST)

Step into the CROWN CHAKRA and receive an activation to release any blockages here to support you holding a higher frequency. Your ENERGY will feel lighter as you RELEASE old PATTERNS and HEAL old wounds as you step into a NEW EXPRESSION of a HEALTHIER YOU

At the end of each Masterclass you will receive a Group guided energy reading, clearing and healing to clear energy blockages and heal, as you align to your highest path. This reading will support you both on the live call and on replay.