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Confirmation that we have recieved full payment ($155.00)for the CONSCIOUS CREATOR WORKSHOP

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Thank you so much for your payment to join Joan's Conscious Creator Workshop.

In this Introductory Workshop you will learn:
〉 How to create energetic boundaries to prevent people depleting your energies
〉Create a safe space to work from by staying grounded
〉Develop a morning practice that will set you up for the day with your intentions and manifest
〉Understand your negative patterns, how to release them and the questions to ask to reach the root cause of what is holding you back
〉Learn how to unblock your chakras and, what they influence in the body
〉Powerful guided meditations to clear your blockages and increase your intuitive abilities

This will be an amazing experience, that will have a huge positive impact on you both personally and professionally.

So from here....

  • I will call you to confirm the date you wish to attend the workshop - I will be in-touch within 24 hours to book your session and an invite will be sent out with date, time and Zoom details.
I look forward to sharing the workshop with you and look forward to being part of your journey. If you have any concerns before we get started or at any time just reach out to [email protected] or call 0437 383 734
Kind Regards,