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Comparisons can prevent growth!

Comparisons can prevent growth!

How does the act of comparing yourself with others affect your physical, emotional, financial and/or professional growth? Have you ever considered that by comparing yourself with others could actually be holding you back? Comparisons can prevent growth!

Why comparisons are detrimental to growth?

As you look closely do you see yourself comparing your skills, knowledge, achievements etc with others. Consequently, do you find yourself wishing you were like that other person.  Explore your uniqueness as comparisons can hold you back hindering your growth and success.

Remember, comparisons can prevent growth!

Steps to change comparing with others

Consider looking at your reflection in a mirror. What do you see? In contrast change this reflection you see into who you believe you really are and who you want to be. Furthermore this will provide a clearer perspective and change your mindset. As a result you will gain clarity to soar like an eagle growing into yourself, therefore feeling comfortable and confident with who you are….

Interestingly, most of us perceive ourselves based on other people’s thoughts and opinions of us. As a result we can liken it  to being a sheep in a herd of many. When we become “part of a herd” we loose our focus and uniqueness by accepting the direction and thinking of the collective herd. As a result comparisons can prevent our growth.

This process leads to: –
– Your Personality being subdued
– Thoughts can become less meaningful
– Lacking confidence leading to the body and mind becoming more rigid and inflexible
– Becoming Fearful and lacking trust
– Feeling “lost”

Wrapping in up

Above all it is very difficult to grow and reach your true potential in this state, so consider revisiting your reflection in the mirror and crack it open to unleash and awaken the potential within.

For this reason, imagine a world where individuals are no longer held back by limitations.  As a result you could potentially be able to explore all hidden potentials and opportunities, releasing the magic within to have a life by design  leading to financial, commercial, social personal and personal success …

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