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Ready to craft intuition into your Vision Board and MANIFEST your desires as you collapse timelines!

Make 2023 your most powerful, healthy and abundant year yet!

YOUR VISION 2023 - 3 Hour Workshop VIA ZOOM

Wednesday 2 November 2022 - 1pm - 4pm (AEST)

This YOUR VISION Workshop is for female entrepreneurs who are ready to take quantum leaps in their health, buisness and life next year!

Joan is a Certified Akashic Health & Wellness Practitioner specialising in working with female entrepreneurs to revamp their health and put a spark back in their business.

Working closely with her clients in the space of the Akasha, the quantum realm to access their souls wisdom to support them aligning to their highest timeline and manifesting their desires.

Joan has found that working in the Akashic Realm supports you to consciously create and manifest a purposeful life and business! Creating a robust health foundation is the key!

Join Joan in this 3 hour YOUR VISION WORKSHOP where she will take you on an experiential journey into your Akashic Records and tap into your highest potential timeline for 2023.

This workshop will set you up to take quantum leaps in your health, business, career and life in 2023. Gaining clarity to align to your soul's blueprint setting you up for a powerful 2023.

Ready to Revamp your Health and bring the spark back into your Business. Make 2023 your best year yet!

Is this you?

⇒ Are you ready to increase your vitality so growing your business feels fun and exciting?

⇒ Are you ready to transcend the fear-mind and  activate your highest potential for your business?

⇒ Do you desire to connect to your health blueprint, activating alignment and newfound energy?

⇒ Are you ready to create freedom and expansion in your life?

⇒ Have you lost sight of where you are going with your life, career and business

⇒ Are you ready for some guidance to help you re-set and align to your purpose work for 2023?

Transform Program mage


〉 Be guided into your Akashic Records and access your highest timeline possible

〉Create YOUR VISION 2023 within this 8th dimensional realm

〉Explore the 9 key areas of your life as you consciously create your 2023 Vision Board. 

〉Use colour and affirmations to amplify and align to the energy behind your vision board

〉Experience a powerful guided meditation with activations and clearings to amplify clarity around what you desire to create in 2023

〉Receive a healing activation with toning to release old ancestral patterns and programming.

〉Set yourself up for a successful 2023 as you learn how to manifest your desires for 2023.

〉Say yes to revamping your health and getting clear about how you can do this!

〉Activate your wisdom codes to create a purposeful vision for 2023 that is in alignment with you WHY!

〉These learnings will be integrated in your body, mind and spirit and aligned to your highest and best good.


Wednesday 2 November 2022 - 1pm - 4pm (AEST Brisbane time)

The Workshop will be held via the Zoom platform and a Zoom link will be sent to you following your registration and payment

The workshop will be interactive and live. The workshop will be recorded so that if you cannot make the live session you will have access to the replay.

 This replay will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the live workshop so that you can revisit it as often as you wish to build on your vision for 2023.



You will access your highest timeline and call on the guidance and information from this space to create your vision fro 2023!

Creating your vision in the 8th dimensional realm will allow you to access pure potential and infinite possibilities for your health, buisness and life!

You will receive guidance to let go of old programming that is keeping you stuck doing the same thing year after year!

You will gain clarity around your soul's path and align to it!

You will learn to consciously create and begin to manifest your desires!

Once you have registered and your payment has been received your will receive an email confirmation

  1. A Zoom email invite will be sent with the Zoom link
  2. Joan is happy to have a 15 minute call to answer any questions you may have about the workshop
  3. The on-line YOUR VISION WORKSHOP will be live and available on replay within 24 hours.
About Me


Transformational Health & Wellness Expert | Intuitive Mentor | Author | Speaker

With over 20 years of clinical experience and 15 years in corporate leadership, it has always been my mission to make a difference and create change.  Let me take you on a bit of a journey to how I have become known as a Transformational Health and Wellness Expert. To read Joan's full story, click here.

Joan is passionate about mentoring females to step into their power and be their best self with increased energy and vitality as they build a rock solid foundation.

Joan has found that by working in the space of the Akashic Records, the quantum field allows you to access your highest potential. Receiving guidance, support and healing to align to your highest vision possible.

I think of my role in how I help others is like being a master key.  

By accessing the Akashic Field, I help unlock the unique light, wisdom, health and abundance codes for female entrepreneurs to step into their personal power by aligning to their purpose work through aligning their mental, physical and emotional aspects.

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